The Key To Unlocking An Addicts Potential

The nature of addition is something that has confused medical professionals for decades. Why do some individuals develop that obsessive need that leads to conditions like codeine addiction? No one is going to claim conquering addiction is easy no matter what the poison. Winston Churchill said it best. “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Fighting the Good Fight
It takes work to find potential no matter what challenges life hands out. The effort is the difference between success and a backwards slide. There is no real formula to keep the forward momentum, but without the effort, there is no opportunity for advancement.
Get Ready to Try Again
It is more common to relapse then it is to succeed the first time around. In fact, the odds are against a clean break from addiction. Continuous means a fight that will last a lifetime. Anyone dealing with an addiction knows that the craving doesn’t go away, but it will get better with time.
Make It an Issue
Psychiatrists use a phase: self-styling. This is the excuse addicts use to continue the behavior in a small way. Outing an addiction is one way to face self-styling. When everyone around understands the problem, it becomes less of an issue. People closest to an addict are the support system. It is their opinion that matters most. They will be the ones to force behavioral changes, but only if they know what is at stake.
Changing Life
As some point, addiction becomes mind over matter. No amount of discussion can make an addict change. It will be the love of friends and family that has a positive effect. Love is not always sunshine and happiness, however. Pushing the addict to face the addiction gives them an enemy to fight. The battle will be about not letting down the people they love.

The Magic Formula
The magic formula to unlocking potential is the revelation that there is no magic formula. Once an addict accepts that truism, life can change for the better. Gentle pressure from family and friends to find peace in healthy ways will push the addictive individual into a healing stage.
Taking the good as it comes and understanding that health requires behavior modification leads to recovery. It is easy to lose oneself in a problem such as codeine addiction. No matter how strong or how intelligent an addict is, without effort there is no potential and without facing the facts there is no effort.

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Nick Walz is an active blogger and writer who likes to share his advice and tips to the online community. His first hand experience with family and friends has help him understand the hardships and struggles that face addicts today. You can contact him on Twitter @Nick_Walz.