The Kitchen Of My Dreams

If you’re looking for help when it comes to planning the kitchen of your dreams, read the below excerpt from a homeowner’s kitchen journey.  After reading about the process you will see how you too can have the perfect kitchen.
After careful consideration, my husband and I decided not to put our house on the market and stay put a few more years.  We knew it was going to be difficult to sell our home and with the way the housing market is now, we wouldn’t get what we needed to put a down payment on a larger home.  We were a little depressed about our decision at first, but we eventually decided to do some projects around the house to keep us happy in the meantime.  We chose to redo our kitchen, which was quite an undertaking.  We had a lot of work and decisions to make, which included gutting the kitchen, hiring a contractor, choosing materials, and getting white glove shipping for our cabinets.

The first challenge we had to face was selecting a contractor that was going to keep our project on time and on budget.  After interviewing four contractors that were highly recommended by family and friends, we chose the contractor that we thought would be the most thorough and hard working.  He gave us the news that he could start the project in three weeks, which would give us plenty of time to demo the kitchen and select our materials.
To save money my husband and I decided to do the demolition.  We spent a long weekend removing our hideous old cabinets, Formica countertops, and linoleum floors.  It was a very tiring three days but we knew that it easily saved us a few hundred dollars.  When we were done with the demo, all traces of our nightmare of a kitchen were gone.  Now that the old cabinets, appliances, and flooring were no longer in place, it became easy for me to envision how I wanted our new space to look.
I was very underwhelmed by the cabinets at the big box stores.  The cabinets were either too ornate or cheap looking.  We really wanted a clean, modern style cabinet which did wasn’t available in any of the chain stores.  My husband found a cabinet website online that carried exactly what we were looking for.  Initially, I was hesitant about ordering cabinets online but after learning about their white glove shipping, I knew we would be in good hands.  When the cabinets arrived they were exquisite and surpassed my expectations.
After three weeks of construction, our renovation project was finally over.  The contractor did a beautiful job with every detail of the kitchen and we are happy with all the materials we chose.  All of our cabinets were in pristine condition and fit into the vision of my dream kitchen just as I’d hoped.
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