The Koh Phi Phi Islands Guided Private Tours

The past shows the islands were once only used by ships for the temporary harbor for the abundance of fruit, vegetables, and seafood, crab, lobsters, and fish. The limestone caves presence shows prehistoric drawings dating back to the dinosaurs era. The coconut plantation covered nearly all of the main island until 2000, when the movie (The Beach), was filmed. The beauty of the island seen through the eyes of tourists caused an explosion of tourism as people flocked into this wonderland of pristine beaches, marvelous underwater sea life, and coral growths.

The six islands scattered through the national park keeps the encroachment of modernization to the largest islands. Most of the islands have no modern transportation. These islands provide the most interesting marine and scenery found anywhere in the world. The different attractions provide anyone with a destination of modern distractions, or peaceful reflections.

The Best of Both Worlds, Modern Diversions Scenic Reflections

The thought of vacationing with modern diversions on Phi Phi Don comes with everything a person would want from luxurious to less pricy accommodations, restaurants, Thai street market, daily tours a warm welcoming nightlife. On the other side, brings a the moonlight on a white beach. The quiet scenic reflections from the baloney of the luxurious suite overlooking the bay. Most tourists need more than one day to cover the entire island of Phi Phi Don and be completely satisfied private tours experience.

The Rock Climbing Access

The limestone cliffs of the Phi Phi Islands offer the thrill-seeker rock climber, a share of adventure along the more than 40 routes up this rock formation. The Tonsai Tower on the western end of Phi Phi Don has become a chosen spot for climbers of every experience. The climbing shops provide information and equipment along with guides if needed. The specialists provide the experience and safety knowledge for climbing the limestone formation, the Tonsai Tower.

The Maya Bay “Booze” Cruise

The Phi Phi Leh Island currently does not permit people on the island. The different type of cruises, including fishing, diving relaxing available. Most tourists rent the overnight sleep on the boat to stay in the Maya Bay cove. The next cruise is for those, who neither want to dive, hike, or climb interesting aspects of their vacation. This cruise permits the intake of alcohol beverages while relaxing and listening to a guide describe the different unique formations of limestone and legends from these islands. The cruise ship passes every island and is back in time for evening festivities on the main island.

The Viking Cave Paintings and Bird Nests Harvests

The Phi Phi Leh island location is considered uninhabited and no people or boats are permitted to dock on the beach. The unique wall drawing draws the curious and educated as the walls depict different stages of history with technical drawings of ships. Each period of time shows the ships drawn from sailors from possible shipwreck or waiting out a monsoon weather to subside. This isolated island cave brings in the bird nest harvesters building bamboo scaffolding reaching high into the ceilings. The tiny birds (swiftlets) roost in high caves along with the Asian bat.

The experienced climbers and harvesters only take two of the three nests from each mating pair. The Asian people are fond of the expensive food item. These bird nests are supposed to boost virility and are used in ceremonies of fertility and life-giving. The Cave paintings and birds nest are under the protection of the national park permitting no visitors, except the birds nest harvester company, which requires their written approval to enter. Most of the paintings viewed from a boat after paying an entry fee.

The Whale Shark Diving Photo Project

The internationally known “Shark Trust Diving Photo Project, brings the thrill of meeting a shark one more step closer. The uniqueness of the KOH PHI PHI Islands corridor brings forward the different species of underwater mammals that inhabit the warm waters. This project combines the thrill of diving with the chance to photograph one of these unusual creatures of the sea.

The Whale Shark displays a unique pattern on the skin and one of the largest sharks in the world. The photo-identification may provide more research for studying ‘live†sharks in a natural environment instead of captivity. The uniqueness and exciting species of other sharks at this designated area, Shark Point This exciting and interesting designation formed from nine different peninsulas bring different species of shark into the warmer waters to co-habituate.

Two Coral Reef Wrecks (Diving)

These two wrecks, the Kled Glaeow, and the King Cruiser were sunk to create coral reefs. The Glaeow is a delightful and interesting dive for both the novice and experienced divers. The wreck length expands 48 meters long, 16 wide, and 26 deep to provide open water dives. The fish and flora have colonized this wreck completing the coral reef with colorful inhabitance.

The Thailand government decommissioned the ship and donated the scrapped ship for the coral reef project. The King Cruiser is an older with more than 30 years of ferrying between the mainland and the different unique islands of this area.

Koh Bida Nok (Diving, Snorkeling)

This entire island provides diving and snorkeling with the most impressive wall diving in the world. The great manta ray and sea turtles are some of the fascinating marine life found nowhere else in the world. This island is part of the national park and under government, protection keeping the beauty pristine. The amazing sea fans waving in the fast moving current. This is a cave diving site and recommended for experienced divers only. Even with a guide, an experienced diver should not try to cave dive. There is plenty to enjoy without endangering yours or someone elseâ€s life as an inexperienced diver.

Koh Bida Nai (Shell Gathering, Snorkeling)

The sister island to the Koh Bida Nok bay created from the avalanche from the limestone cliffs above. This provided unique crevices, caves, and pockets for the most unusual types of marine life. The schools of glass fish, the spiny scorpion fish along with many brightly colored shells and rocks were strewn across the bottom of the bay.

The shells and rocks are easily seen and collected by snorkeling without having to dive deeper. The coral and equally flowering marine provide plenty of interesting and artful scenery for anyone wanting to find the beautiful peaceful world of the unique specimens.

Bamboo Island (Koh Phai)

More of a solitary person needs this escape from the crowded beaches of the larger islands, Bamboo Island. This island small and beautiful kept this way by the protection of the national park and ranger station post. The rangers suggest bringing money to cover the essentials, tent, beer food. The food is freshly caught by a local community of fishermen willing to sell. The day before making arrangements with the boatmen and stock the cooler. Most people stay one night, but the rangers will permit less than a week. The rangers help with the tent and willing to cook for the company of others.

Mosquito Island (Koh Yung)

This island is the in the chain of these islands, and like the Viking Cave only seen from a boat. The island currently closed to people by the government.

The island is beautiful and dangerous with a small coral beach; which no one goes because of the name. The marine life is seen from a dive boat with no one entering the island area. The spectacular coral reef belies the name of the island with colorful marine life from flowering flora to flowing fish, and otherworldly sea mammals, sea eels whale sharks. The high limestone cliffs and small coral beach prevent people from landing on the island. This island is protected by the national park reserve to protect the pristine coral reef.

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