The Land Of 1000 Islands

Croatia has always been a magnet to people on vacation. The Adriatic Sea makes Croatia one of the most beautiful countries in Europe to visit. The unique location, the deep culture, the great history, Croatian food and the 1000 islands make Croatia a must visit. Whether you are on a sailing vacation, beach vacation, Croatia cruise or you just want to see the famous cities in Croatia, you are guaranteed satisfaction.

Croatia is never short of beautiful and breath-taking beaches. Given that there are thousands of islands and islets in Croatia, you have the chance to visit private beaches on your honeymoon or on a family vacation. Even if you don’t own a private boat, don’t worry, you can easily rent one from a charter in Croatia. This not only gives you privacy but guarantees your enjoyment to the maximum. The water in Croatian beaches is turquoise blue and crystal clear. If you are thus in search of astounding beaches for your vacation, Croatia is the place to be.

The history of Croatia is something to look forward to. There are hundreds of Stone Age sites that have been discovered in the recent past where you can witness the life of early man. The discovered caves bear hand-made tools that were made by early man centuries ago. Besides, most towns in Croatia bear historical centers with traditional Croatian architecture that makes Croatia a must-visit destination. The rich Croatian culture adds to the merry in its history. You get to experience the best of both worlds; contemporary cities with modern buildings and features yet with an ambiance of a relaxed coastal village. The Adriatic Sea is beautiful not only when you are sailing but also for people who are interested in sight-seeing. The mountainous ranges and the spectacular beaches will leave you in awe and yearning to visit Croatia on your next vacation. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is an example of how intact nature’s beauty should be.

Sailing is a pastime in Croatia. If you want to experience the serenity, the beauty and the fresh air of Croatia, charter a boat for just one day and tour the coastal islands of Archipelagos. On your voyage, you will enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate. You will not be alone in the voyage as sailing is a favorite for most Croatians. There are 2600 hours of sunshine every year in Croatia and being closer to the Mediterranean ensures that the winters here are always mild and the springs are great. For summer, well, you have to be there to witness. Croatia is like no other European country in terms of prices. In Croatia, it is a standard principle to charge rational prices to the tourists. To this end, you can enjoy a full meal in a beach restaurant for a measly 10 euros. After sailing and having your meal, you can visit one of the lighthouses, these are mostly located in deserted coastlines, and enjoy the panoramic view of the country.

Finally, you will enjoy commercial naturist resorts (nudists). Croatia being the first in Europe to introduce these resorts, it will be a sight to behold especially if you are seeing it for the first time.