The Latest Designer Ring Trends: Pick The Style She Loves

An engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing parts of getting married. It is a ‘forever’ piece of jewelry, so it must match the bride’s taste and style impeccably. Luckily for everyone, there exist certain designs that never seem to go out of style. Of course, with those you will never go wrong, but if you are in search of an original, extravagant, unique engagement ring that will impress your beloved with its unusual shape, setting, gem or other element, you definitely need to try some of the Designer sections at jewelry stores you are going to visit, both online and physically. We hope that our brief designer rings freshtrends overview will help you select the most beautiful ring for your your wife-to-be.

Trend #1: Colorful Gems

Of course, there is a tradition to select white diamonds as center stones for engagement rings. But if you think that the colorful gem is just what she dreams about, do not hesitate to look for designer rings with fancy gems: you may select between pink and yellow diamonds or sapphires, for example. It is also a great idea to select a designer ring with her birthstone as a centerpiece: she will definitely appreciate this. Designer rings with fancy stones often feature unusual metals as for engagement rings, such as rose gold or platinum. Some designers offer a combination of colored stones for better expression and funky atmosphere. When selecting an engagement ring with a colorful gem, you must be sure that your intended does like to be different in her fashion choices. Offbeat rings with colorful stones are usually highly appreciated by extravagant and active ladies.

Trend #2: Modified Solitaires

Solitaire is undoubtedly the most popular, traditional engagement ring design. The trend in designer solitaires these days is hidden in an interesting, sophisticated detail, often very subtle one. Modern solitaire engagement rings feature a twisted band, low settings and criss-crossed elements. Fresh trends in solitaire rings are perfect for women who lead active lifestyle: many girls do not like to take off their ring several times a day. Low settings and extra durable design allow brides wearing their precious engagement rings almost anytime and anywhere. However, low settings are not for everyone, since many women prefer high ones, which are very noticeable and chic.

Trend #3 Rough Cut Diamonds

Rough cut diamonds must be the latest word in newest designer rings fashion. This is a gradually emerging trend for engagement rings today. Engagement rings with such stones are really fascinating and challenging, since they are far cry from neat, impeccable Princesses and Asschers. These designer rings are a perfect option for women in love with rustic and artisan jewelry. As a rule, rough diamonds come in subtle colors and have very ‘raw’ look. Bezel setting is considered to be the most winning for this particular engagement ring style. If you know your sweetheart’s style and preferences well, do not hesitate to select a piece featuring a rough cut diamond: its unique, fascinating and funky look will create an incomparable atmosphere and easily match with any outfit.

Trend #4 Vintage Glamour

Although there is always a plethora of new, fresh ideas about engagement rings, many renowned designers look back to old times to see and improve or evolve the ancient engagement ring styles. Style gurus look for their inspiration in Edwardian and Victorian floral patterns. Thus, great, sophisticated Vintage engagement rings come into life. These rings stand out among others for their elaborate, detailed and very intricate elements which bring focus to the center stone.


You will be definitely amazed with incredible, vast array of engagement rings available online and at the conventional jewelry stores. The amount of designer rings can also be overwhelming: Asscher, Emerald diamonds, Art Deco, Vintage etc. At first glance it may seem like a daunting task to find the most beautiful and unique ring from this inventory. However, if you bear in mind your loved one’s preferences and style, you will definitely spot the engagement ring of her dream. In order to increase your chances to succeed, you may ask her friends or close relatives assist you in your engagement ring hunt. You may also enjoy a vast selection of designer rings and experience relaxing shopping at our jewelry store.

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