The List Of Car Parts Is Endless

I was having a look for some car parts for my BMW 325i and the list of parts is endless! There are so many different things to consider and so many variables.
The Variables
The simple variables are as follows:
Make – this is simply the manufacturer of the car, motor/ vehicle – i.e. BMW

Model – this is the name given to the type of car, motor/vehicle by the manufacturer – i.e. 3 series

Year – this is the year your car, motor/vehicle was produced by the manufacturer – i.e. 2006

Engine – this is the size of the displacement of the engine – i.e. 2500 cc or 2.5 litres

Fuel – this is the fuel type of the car, motor/vehicle – i.e. petrol or diesel

The next list of variables is more in relation to the parts area.
The part you require comes under categories such as:
Service parts – This could relate to the general upkeep of the car, motor/vehicle and covers items such as air filters, wiper blades, oil filters etc
Engine parts – This area really relates to the items that keep the engine running smoothly such as sum pans, timing chains, ignition coils, gaskets and seals
Cooling and heating – Mainly this relates to the items that keep the engine cold and the car warm such as radiators, water pumps and heater motors
There are many more variables in the parts area like, transmission, brake parts and suspension and steering to name a few….
The solution
I have found a great solution to the problem of finding car parts that are correct for my car. I stumbled on a website where I can literally type in my car registration and search. This will then search the DVLA database of registration plates and will return the relevant car details relation to that registration so that I don’t need to enter all the details about the engine’s displacement and model.  Then the list of parts is much smaller and you can pick from an easier list of parts that relates to your specific model. On the website, you get the aid of pictures and write ups to know if the part you are picking is the correct part for the application or model you have.
In a nut shell searching for parts should be simple and saves you considerable amounts of money by purchasing the parts direct yourself and not having to pay additional mark-ups to the garage.

Lee Mones shares his views on the endless list of car parts on behalf of Euro Car Parts Ltd