The Logic Behind Why People Loves Online Games


Millions of people, especially teenagers are addicted to online games. As the years passed, games with better features, graphics, and gameplay were offered and released. This eventually increased the number of gamers who register on online gaming websites. Because of this rapid increase, some experts conducted a study to know the reasons why people love to play online games. Experts found out that some factors such as features can attract people to log-in on a certain online gaming site.

Establish a Personal Interaction

Another result of the survey is that they found out that people love to play online games because of “personal interaction”. People who are attached to online games is said to have an effective personal interaction with the specific online gaming system. These gaming sites can provide attractive operation, goals, or any application that allows players to have a personal or social interaction with other people on the Internet and in the game itself. In addition, game graphics are considered as one of the main reasons why people want to play a certain online game. Most importantly, a communication system is a big factor in attracting people to play since players can interact with different players worldwide who could become their allies in the virtual gaming world.

Communicate Virtually

Communication is playing a big role in the online game. Some people choose to play online games in order to interact with different people who have different battle techniques and strategies. We all know that online games have chat applications where players can communicate with one another regardless of their location.

Online games are capable of making people entertained. Furthermore, as the communication technology evolves and new communication technologies showed up, such as Voice over Internet Protocol which can be integrated in some online games, chances are the number of people playing online games will again increase.

Voice over Internet Protocol, also known as VoIP, is a communication technology that makes it easier for people to communicate verbally just by using the Internet. This means that if this technology is integrated in an online game then a player can now use a voice chat application instead of a chat box. Some voice chat application available these days are TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Mumble, and more. These voice chat applications can be downloaded into your system easily. However, there are some online games that already have a built in voice over IP client or voice chat application such as the World of Warcraft, also known as WoW.

No wonder why most Internet users spend a lot on online games. Although they do not usually go out of their homes, they can still interact with an international community within the online gaming world. In fact these people who play online games spend an average of 20 to 30 hours per week using the Internet for personal use. Moreover, it is said that over 48% of those users are playing online games.

Learn while Playing

Typically, online games teach players how to think logically through their strategy and constant information that they get from their virtual teammates. This is also a way on how modern communication systems such as voice over IP contributed to the improvement of individuals. Above all, online gaming sites are normally one of the most influential components of the Internet since it attracts a lot of people every day. It does not limit itself to youngsters but to people of all ages. ESports, or Electronic Sports, are being organized in different continents to hail gaming champs.

Competitive games in the video game industry are becoming more popular every day. In the near future, there will be a big possibility that the percentage of people playing online games will increase to higher numbers.