The Luxuries And Amenities You Can Get In A Limousine

A limousine can take the perfect night and add a dose of magic. It’s more than just getting from one place to another in style; in fact, once you see the things that are offered, you may never want to leave the vehicle. Some modern limos are like tech palaces on wheels, and if you have a love for gadgetry or just for fine wine, there will be plenty of things for you and your guests to indulge in.


Nearly every person will expect a limo to have a bar, but are you familiar with what they serve? You’re not going to get the cheap stuff. Even rental services that are on the lower end of the price scale will stock more than enough good alcohol to keep everyone inebriated until the sun comes up.

It goes beyond mere decadence, however. Often times the bars are like miniature versions of the main counter at the poshest bars in your city, and they come complete with neon lights and delicate glasses that scream “classy.”


If you’ve ever grown tired of crowds in the movie theater, why not catch up on some recent releases with your friends while you’re out on the town? It’s easy to find a limo that contains a big-screen plasma television with a blu ray or DVD player. These setups come with surround sound as well, and more often than not, the quality of the speakers rivals or surpasses what you can get in a movie theater.

Phones and Intercoms

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a big shot CEO, a limo will provide you with everything you’ll need to live the fantasy. Most limos come with a comm system built in so that you don’t have to lower the privacy barrier in order to talk to the driver, and despite the proliferation of cell phones, limos continue to provide their own telephones. It’s the perfect chance to call up your old high school friends and brag for a while.

Sun Roof

It’s a simple feature that’s often taken for granted, but the addition of a sun roof can make a massive difference. It’s more than just a way to let some fresh air into the vehicle; it provides a clear view of the sky, and nothing sets the mood when things are winding down like a clear view of the stars.

Elegance in Excess

A limo ride is something that very few people will be able to afford more than once in their lives, but it’s the means by which an already special event can be turned into a unique and elegant occasion. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more for the best amenities; regardless of what you’re celebrating, if there’s a reason to throw a party, you need to do it right.

John Varney is a freelance blogger who lives in Las Vegas and sometimes writes for, a website where you can find a large directory of limo services across the nation. Consider hiring a limousine in your city for your next special occasion.