The Luxury Playhouses Of The Rich And Famous

We all like to treat our children with small gifts and sweets, but there will always be those of us that have the means to create something a little more expensive as a reward.
As J.K. Rowling’s plans for a Hogwarts style playhouse come to light, I explore some of the playhouses that the children of the rich and famous have the luxury of enjoying.

Image by Cutoutwitch

4) A Posh Playhouse (The Beckhams)
David and Posh Spice’s play castle definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to ambition– its got rope swings, mock towers, a drawbridge…what more could you ask for? Well, planning permission actually.
English law doesn’t require planning permission for the average playhouse, but when the structure takes on a luxury size (over 16ft high,) it becomes a mandatory affair. In 2005 the Beckhams ended up in hot water over their illegal Wendy House, but in the end the court decided the buildings could stay.
Lucky kids!
3) Dog Mansion (Paris Hilton)
While it’s true that many of us love to spoil our children, it’s also true that many of us love to spoil our pets. Paris Hilton decided that rather than buying a new chew toy for her dogs, she would instead build them a playhouse in the style of her own home.
This puppy palace is the ultimate in comfort; the home is complete with stairs, crystal chandeliers, a closet and even a living room. Coming in at a cool $325,000 it’s certain to impress, even if it does leave a slightly awkward taste in the mouth.
That’s a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘in the doghouse’.
2) A Playhouse fit for a Queen (Queen Elizabeth)
Many little girls grow up dreaming of being princesses and living in a castle, but what do you build for the children who already live that reality…a miniature playhouse all for themselves of course.
Y Bwthyn Bach (the Small House) is situated in the grounds of Windsor Great Park near Royal Lodge, and generations of miniature royalty have passed over its threshold. It’s a two up, two down, and there’s a fully functional bathroom – with monogrammed towels of course.
It was originally built as a present for Princess Elizabeth in 1932, the little girl who would grow up to become Queen, and was also a gift from the people of Wales.
Having recently undergone a beautiful restoration, it now stands ready to welcome many more generations to play.
1) Hogwarts Tree House (J.K Rowling)
This playhouse is more of a play castle, with two wooden turrets that each contains a room. Complete with rope bridges, fireman’s poles and a secret passage, this is a toy which any child (and many adults!) would love to enjoy.
Its height will be a staggering 40ft when complete and it’s estimated to cost around £150,000! But with all of the millions she’s made from the Harry Potter franchise, this is a token gift that allows her children to share her success.
Even after hearing about all of the other wonderful playhouses, I still think that J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts style tree house is a step above the rest. What an incredible way to bring the imagination to life!
So do you have any plans to buy your kids a cute little Wendy house (complete with toy kitchen and plastic dining sets,) or will you be sticking to treats that come in a slightly smaller size?
Estelle Page is an interior designer on a mission to make the world a prettier place. She loves spending time at home with her husband and two children and enjoys a spot of gardening too. An avid writer, she’s so passionate about promoting good design that she writes about it for Oak Furniture Superstore.