The Male Menopause

Men are created to be more masculine than that of the females because they produce more male sexual hormone called the testosterone. This hormone is responsible for the development of the male reproductive organ. It is also responsible for some of the secondary sexual characteristics such as the occurrence of body hair, more muscular body tone, deeper voice and more manly features.

When this hormone starts to decrease in production, you would also observe several changes in the body. Most of these changes are seen and felt by men who are 45 years old and above. The onset of this phenomenon occurring in men differs and some men may also not go through this process. For those men who do, several changes in your lifestyle should be able to help you cope up with the decrease in the testosterone hormone in your body.

Although men do not experience having monthly periods, hormonal changes also happen to them. Once men reach a certain age their bodies also start to change due to the change in the hormone production. Several doctors have reported that they have male patients who complain about the same symptoms that women usually have during their menopausal period. In this time, the sex hormones of the male are also produced in a much lesser quantity. Most people call this the andropause period. Some experts still argue about the occurrence of this phenomenon because it is observed that not all men undergo this period in their life.

What is male menopause?

Unlike females, the male’s reproductive system does not undergo drastic changes when andropause happens. Some of the men who are currently undergoing this phase report some symptoms that the women who are undergoing menopause also have. When the men went for testosterone treatment, it is reported that the signs and symptoms slowly vanish. This just shows that the underproduction of the hormone testosterone is the cause of andropause.

What are the signs of male menopause?

As reported by some patients the male menopause is quite similar to the symptoms of the female menopause. These changes could be due to the fact that the hormones in your body are decreasing.

  • Your sexual function

Your ability to have and to maintain an erection may be decreased and your sexual desire or libido may also lessen.

  • Your sleep patterns

During this period, men may have sleepless nights or increased sleepiness. They may also experience insomnia. These changes occur because the body is still adjusting to the effects of decreased testosterone production.

  • Your body

Men might observe that there are physical changes in the body. Testosterone is the hormone which helps men look more masculine. In some instances, the breast may be tender and fat may be increased. There may also be loss of body hair.

  • Your emotions

You might feel sad and depressed easily. The lack of testosterone in your system could also lead you into losing your self-confidence.

What to do if you think you have male menopause

The only way to be certain that you have male menopause is to go to your doctor and have a check-up. Doctors are experts in figuring out what is wrong with you. For them to correctly diagnose your condition, you must honestly talk to them about your current situation. You and your doctor could find different ways on how you could remedy the situation that you have.

When you undergo male menopause, it does not mean that your life has ended; you still could do something about the problems you are experiencing due to the lack of testosterone in your system. You could try living healthier so that you would still be able to maintain a high energy level. You should adjust the way you live because you could still live happily after the male menopause.

Men might feel really depressed during this period and it is important that you ask help from other people so that they will be able to give you support. You do not have to turn to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs to chase your blues away; you just need someone to be there for you.

You could also choose to go for testosterone treatment. This treatment will fill in the lacking testosterone that you need in your body. Although it may be able to remove most of the signs and symptoms of having andropause, some men say that it is still not able to cure the erectile dysfunction.

In conclusion, male menopause does really happen. Although there are still some debates about it being a reality, most men have proven that it is not just about the midlife crisis anymore; it is also about male menopause. Some men experience it and others do not. This just means that you should be ready for whatever might come your way. It is easier to prepare and to accept these facts when you are well informed about it.

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