The Many Advantages of Having an Auto-Receptionist


Before phone systems became fully automated, most business companies utilized a telephone operator to handle all incoming calls. Through the use of a switchboard, the telephone operator connects your phone call to a particular department or a person in a company. One problem with using a switchboard operator is the caller has to deal with a real person who at the end of the day might already be feeling tired after handling several phone calls. He or she might have the tendency to become irate and sound irritating to some callers.

To avoid this kind of problem, most companies now make use of the auto-receptionist to receive incoming phone calls and direct these calls to available phones or to one that has been specified by the caller. Phone service providers like RingCentral have this kind of feature in products such as virtual PBX and virtual office. It is this feature that makes such products popular among businessmen. Why indeed is the auto-receptionist feature a big plus for phone systems?

• The auto-receptionist feature allows many users to save a lot of money. That’s because the auto-receptionist acts like a live receptionist. This is a good reason for you not to hire one. It greets the callers and directs their calls either to an available phone or one whose local number they know. If the caller does not know the local number of a department he or she wishes to be connected to, the auto-receptionist guides him or her by enumerating the list of local numbers. If a number is busy, the auto-receptionist courteously informs him or her and asks if he or she would like to try another number.

• Another advantage that can be had from using the auto-receptionist is it continues to work even if your office is closed for the day or holidays. It provides the customers with information that they need such as product information, the latest promos, and important reminders to customers. It can even process the orders of customers. The auto-receptionist also allows the customers to record their messages which you can access anytime and anywhere. It can even forward the calls to your phone and that of your assistants regardless of your location.

• The auto-receptionist also organizes your files while you are answering the calls of your customers over the phone. This feature allows you to focus more on meeting the needs of the customers which of course is important in the management of your business. Even if there is a low volume of calls, the auto-receptionist continues to work by arranging your mailbox so that you will know what calls you have to attend to and which ones you can already get rid of. It can also schedule and remind you of your activities for the day so that you don’t forget important business activities such as business meetings or other occasions that allow you to be efficient in the handling of your business.

These are just of the many reasons why many businessmen like you find the auto-receptionist a must have feature in their phone systems. Because of the pleasant voice that the customers hear over the phone. The voice the customers hear over the phone may just be a recording of another person’s voice. Nevertheless, customers are encouraged to transact business with you which results in increased sales of your products and services.