The Many Types Of Fencing

Home improvement projects are a great way to make a positive change in your living space.  Whether you’re painting a wall over the weekend or adding a new banister to your staircase, there are a thousand different ways to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.  Regardless of how much time you have available or what your project budget might be, there’s a great home improvement project waiting for you.

Working Outdoors
Most people think about home improvement projects as being limited to the indoors; not everyone thinks about the projects that can be done on their outdoor property.  Outdoor home improvement projects are a great way to boost your home’s “curb appeal” in anticipation of selling it.  You can also add a considerable amount to your home’s estimated value by making some changes to the exterior and to the property.

Thinking About Fencing
A fence line is a common element of residential properties; the properties of most free-standing homes are surrounded by some type of fence.

Common fence types include:

-Chain link





Security and Beauty
Security is the primary reason for the addition of any fence.  The presence of a tall, sturdy fence is an excellent deterrent against thieves and other prowlers.  Locking gates add extra security.

Chain link fences are very cost-effective and provide a considerable level of security.  It’s possible to purchase posts in a range of heights.  Matching gates are easily integrated into a chain link fence line and come ready for the addition of your preferred type of lock.  Even better, a homeowner can install their own chain link fence with just a few basic tools.  Most home improvement centers sell complete chain link fence installation kits.

Picket fences are chosen for their appearance rather than any intrinsic security.  These lovely wooden fences are usually low to the ground and rarely exceed three feet.  A matching gate that latches shut may be present, as well.

A wooden fence is considerably taller than a picket fence; a wooden fence line may stand several feet tall, effectively cutting off the visual line of any passer’s by.  Wooden slats make an excellent security fence and will grant the homeowner considerable privacy without taking away from the beauty of the yard.

Vinyl fences are ideal for many homeowners.  Available in a wide range of styles and colors, fencing made of durable vinyl is easy to clean and provides a sleek, streamlined look to a property.  Vinyl fencing materials are often integrated into other forms of fencing.  One common example of this is the combination of chain link fencing with long vinyl slats.  Strips of vinyl can be easily inserted into the natural spaces created by the links of chain, increasing the security and privacy provided by a chain link fence and adding visual interest at the same time.

Many of the most secure and attractive forms of fencing are made of iron.  Iron fences are often custom made to the specifications of the home owner and can be created in virtually any size.  They can be plain or ornate, delicate in appearance or solidly built.

Other Forms of Fencing
There are other less-common forms of residential fencing.  Walls and hedges can be used on their own as fencing and boundary markers or integrated into other existing fence lines.

No matter what kind of fencing you choose for your home, you can be sure you’ve made a good choice.  Your yard and property will look better and be more secure as a result.

Lawrence Reaves writes for Fence Me In, LLC, a company providing custom fence design and installation services.  For more information on Fence Me In, LLC and the products and services they offer, click here.