The Men’s Fashion Police – How To Beat The Rap

When it comes to men’s fashion, we’re just as likely to commit a crime as anyone else but what happens when the fashion fuzz bust down the doors. Well figuratively speaking of course, no one is going to arrest you for dressing badly but why chance it anyway. We’ve got some top tips to take your men’s fashion in the UK and worldwide to levels of untouchable by fashion police.

Look Good All the Time

First way to dodge the cops is to realise that we have different laws for men’s fashion trends than you might expect from the ladies. For men it’s more important to look good every day than it is to look alternative everyday; if men’s fashion suits are your thing then you can be wearing them every day with little worry. This is one of the advantages to being a man.

Understanding the Tie

When it comes to the tie, men have slacking and that feeds into itself with confusion; if no one at work is wearing a tie, should I as well? Well ignore those men’s fashion blogs that say the tie is dead because that is sure to get you arrested for a violation in the fashion department. The golden rule when considering a tie in the workplace is that if you find yourself in a position where you want money to gravitate toward your company, pocket or where ever then it’s better to do that in a tie.

Keep it Consistant

Another violation that we see time and time again is when men’s fashion clothing becomes mismatched unintentionally; however criminals can’t really use ignorance as a defence so neither can we. One law we seem to have forgotten is to layer thin with thin and thick with thick; mixing a thin with thick layer is sure to make whatever you’re wearing appear lumpy which is an extension of you so avoid.

Never Need a Haircut

Masculine fashion is all about looking like you need nothing to look as good as you do. With this in mind you should predict a schedule for when you’ll need your next haircut. By the time you find yourself wanting a haircut, chances are you’ll look like you need it and this is something you’ll at least get a ticket from the fashion police on. Make an arrangement for a routine, perhaps every 6 weeks for a trim, and you’ll be set and safe from looking like you need anything.

Insist on Tailoring

Finally on our men’s fashion style police rap sheet is the level of tailoring we insist upon; it needs to be top-notch and suited specifically to our own unique builds if you want to make the most of your look. Sure this isn’t a strong enough violation to get into trouble for, but it helps to bring out the most you’ve got going on. Men’s fashion is a dangerous game to play badly, but if you follow the right advice you not only gain the benefit of looking great but you get the confidence that goes with that as well.

Eugene Calvini is a keen observer of fashion with tailored boutique jackets and pinstripe tailored men’s suits among his favourite items; he enjoys sharing his observations with the world.