The Methods Of Top Rehab Clinics

Top drug rehab clinics combine a variety of methods designed to help patients overcome their additions. The reason these clinics are at the top of the list of drug rehab clinics is because they recognize that overcoming drug addiction is different for every addict. What works for one addict is not always as effective for others, which means that not everyone benefits from every treatment method. By combining treatment methods, rehab is more effective for more addicts, which means everyone has hope. These treatment methods differ from facility to facility, but their foundations are the same.


The brain function of a drug addict is altered by drugs, which means they experience severe symptoms of withdrawal when their bodies are not provided with drugs. The first treatment method in top drug rehab clinics is detoxification. This is done for all patients, and all detox sessions are medically assisted. This is the door that opens up a new world of clean living for drug addicts, but without further treatment it often does not work. When a patient undergoes the process of detoxification, the addict is removed from drugs.
The addict’s body begins to experience withdrawal symptoms, which include anything from severe pain to imaginary feelings and sights. The desire for drugs at this point is so strong that addicts often become crazed. Doctors monitor addicts carefully during this phase of rehab, administering medication when symptoms become too much to handle. The point of this is to get patients through the withdrawal period and to ensure their brains begin to function normally again. The length of detox differs by patient.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This technique is used by doctors to help addicts overcome their addiction from a deeper standpoint. Combined with detox and other treatment methods, this helps addicts to overcome their addictions from a deeper standpoint. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps determine what negative influences, thoughts, and behaviors lead addicts to utilize drugs, and it teaches addicts to recognize them to prevent a drug relapse.

Group and Individual Therapy

Top drug rehab clinics utilize a number of different therapy methods. Patients are individually analyzed and then treated as doctors see fit; sometimes with multiple levels of therapy. This can include group therapy with other drug addicts, family therapy, and individual therapy. Each plays an important role in the process of overcoming drug addiction. Group therapy allows addicts to meet other people like them, which help them to realize they are not alone. They can form bonds with other addicts; oftentimes the support they have from people going through the same thing is beneficial. Family therapy allows those related to drug addicts to understand that it is not their fault, how to help, and to understand what their addicted loved one is going through.
Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher in Austin, TX. If you are serious about your recovery, he recommends you enroll in a comprehensive drug rehab program in Texas.