The Mindset Shifts Required For Bodybuilding

Even though you build muscle through physical means you still need to train you mind too. It’s often said that any sport is about 20% mechanics and 80% mindset, you can know what to do but if you don’t have the right mindset chances are you will not get the body of your dreams.

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle; it’s not just something that you do when you have too much free time. It’s when you dedicate yourself to doing everything in your power to getting the body that you want.

1. Why?

At first you need to know why you want to build more muscle on your body, at first when I first started out at age 18 I was very excited, I worked out every day for 1.5 hours (which turned out to be the wrong way), I never missed a workout and even when I was too tired to do it I still exercised.

Eventually 6 months in I stopped, why? I didn’t see the point, I forgot why I started doing it in the first place and I barely made any progress, after that I abandoned bodybuilding completely for a few years. After 3 years I picked it up again, this time I wrote down why I want to do it on a piece of paper and taped it to the door in my room, I wanted to look like a man, I wanted to impress my friends, I wanted attention from the girls. I wound up going at it for far longer than I did before, I learned much more too.

You don’t have to do the weird thing with the paper that I did but do something that will remind you why you are doing this a few months down the road.

2. Don’t Stop Learning

I have no Idea where I heard it but there is this saying that goes like this: “The smartest people are always the ones who are overwhelmed with how much they don’t know and the ‘dumbshits’ are always the ones who already know everything”.

I always read books on my favorite topics; I don’t just read articles in magazines and websites because they can sometimes be misleading. You have to always be curious about your favorite topics; don’t just go to the gym expecting to magically get your desired body, read books on how you could get there. I started to find out more about bodybuilding when I started to do some actual reading. I would suggest you to go and sign up at the library and start reading, I come from a generation of people who never touched a book but I realized that in order to become a good at something you have to learn more about it every day.

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