The Most Advanced iPhone Of Apple: iPhone 8

The Most Advanced iPhone Of Apple: iPhone 8

Apple iPhone: There are many factors that make us wait for the products of Apple and iPhone is definitely one of them that we regularly wait for the release. All the versions released so far have been the best on their counts and the upcoming version, iPhone8 will be hitting the market soon in the next few days. Don’t you think it is too early to discuss about iPhone8? But guys, it is Apple and hence we are discussing about it. There are a lot of things that got leaked about the product already and we got enough stuff to discuss here.

Since we are talking about Apple, as far as we know, the specifications and the features in iPhone are expected to be more awesome than the previous versions with a few high end features embedded into it. Apple has always been very unique and durable. Now lets us have a look into the durability and some of the features that are rumored to be added into the new version.

iPhone8 Display:

There is one common thing about iPhones is that the size of the devices has been increasing for every version. Here are the changes in the size of the displays. The size of iPhone6 is with the display of 5.5 inches and the 4.7 inches. iPhone7 is expected to be with the display of 6.5 inches and the upcoming release, iPhone8 might also have  the similar size. We don’t think the size would increase further. The reason is that any further increase would make the device fall out into the Tablet category from the phone category. So, we don’t think Apple would do this for iPhone.

iPhone8 Camera:

The camera of Apple iPhone8 is expected to be as much as 12 MP in the next release iPhone7 and with 4MP rear camera. With these estimations, the next release of Apple after iPhone7, iPhone8 would be of 14 MP camera which makes it one of the best cameras to handle. This is an astounding feature from the Beast of Apple.

iPhone8 Memory:

Apple iPhone 8 can be released in various sizes in terms of the memory. In the previous releases it was released in the versions of 64 GB, 128 GB and the next variant would probably be the 256 GB.

iPhone 8 RAM:

Since we are talking about RAM of the Apple iPhone8, it is rumored to be 8 GB and it going to be more powerful than the 4 GB RAM which Apple devices previous had.

iPhone8 Battery:

According to the rumors that are going on, iPhone is going to be make up with the Li-On Battery consisting of 2500 mAh. Based on this, Apple iPhone8 could be stayed for around 18 hours on using the 3 G connections. If iPhone 8 can give the same on the usage of 4G as well.

Apple iPhone8 Price:

The price of iPhone7 is expected to be around $1099 to $1499. So the price of the iPhone would be a higher than the price of iPhone8. Apple iPhone 8 price can consist the price of 1199 to 1599 dollars.

In our view, the price is quite hard to afford and we can’t say anything officially about the price now as the official information from the official authorities is yet to be released.