The Most Anticipated Gadgets Of 2012

The current year has brought a lot of revolution in terms of tech savvy gadgets. As consumers begin to go increasingly mobile, there is always a need to come up with bigger, faster, flashier. And as tech giants Samsung, Ericson, Nokia, and Blackberry struggle to keep their market share while simultaneously hoping to win a percentage from leading competitor Apple (who has so far managed to hold its ground), gadgets are almost becoming outdated by the time they are released.  Listed below are a few of the most anticipated gadgets of 2012:

  • iPhone 5

The iPhone series  has managed to win the hearts of many tech-savvy users since its introduction into the market. Even though the most recent iPhone 4S was a major success worldwide, it is not surprising that a lot of gadget freaks breathlessly await for the launch of the iPhone5. Some of the improvements that this model offers include an even sleeker design, aluminum backing, 3D imaging, and a larger 4-inch display.

  • iPad 3

Another bestseller from the Apple wizards, the iPad can be termed as being the king of tablets. The iPad 3 is undoubtedly one of the most awaited devices of 2012. The latest version of the iPad boasts a Quad Core processor, advanced resolution on a new retina display, 3d features, cloud computing  and many other technical wonders.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samung Galaxy S series has the dubious claim of being a close second to the iPhone supremacy. The current version, the Galaxy S II, garnered positive reviews for being one of the fastest cellular devices at the time of its release. Around 10 million units were sold after a mere three months after its launch. Those who loved the Samsung Galaxy S II is bound to love the S III even more because of even greater processing speed, higher quality dual camera, android platform, and streamlined design.

  • Nintendo Wii U

Despite having two strong rivals in Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation, Nintendo has managed to stay afloat as the market leader in the gaming console industry. The Nintendo Wii U is another one of 2012’s much anticipated gadgets as it has promised to introduce a lot more features as well as a new controller which incorporates a 6-inch touchscreen. Built-in microphones, speakers, camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, and rumble promise an amazing gaming experience.

  • Play Station Vita

This gadget is Sony’s effort to upgrade the portable gaming industry with a bang. With a new design supported by a Quad Core processor, two analog sticks, and a touch screen with 4-bit color and 960 x 540 qHD resolution, gaming on the go can be just as enjoyable as the in-home version.

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