The Most Common Benefits Of Factory Audits – Asia Support For Quality Control

The Most Common Benefits Of Factory Audits – Asia Support For Quality Control

When it comes to inspections and factory audits, Asia and countries like China, the Philippines or Thailand are some of the most likely to skip on quality in order to meet deadlines or manage the amount of products they have promised to deliver.

However, quality is the most important aspect of selling any product. This is why some of the best lab testing and inspection companies in the US have devised comprehensive plans for making factory audits and ensuring that the products you end up sending to your customers can deliver exactly the level of quality that your suppliers have promised.

4 Important Benefits of Factory Audits and Quality Control

For anyone interested in factory audits Asia and China-based companies performing these services can ensure a high level of assurance and quality that will remove all the hassles associated with receiving shipments from overseas suppliers and having to sort through product defects or deal with local quality control issues.

The following are four of the most significant benefits that factory audit services can offer you:

  1. If you don’t need a comprehensive audit plan, and your products only require minimal inspection, you can opt for a basic factory audit. This option will ensure a lower overall rate and quicker turnaround times.
  2. Legal matters can be a hassle when it comes to relations between businesses located overseas. Business license checks are among the most common factory audit services performed by professional inspection companies, and can solve a lot of problems regarding the legal status and licensing of your suppliers.
  3. Companies offering factory audit services can provide you with complete audits that take literally everything into account – from legal matters and transaction activities, to security, work policies, manufacturing and working conditions and much more.
  4. Finally, social audits and anti-terrorism audits ensure that your suppliers are not involved in questionable transactions and that they offer their employees good working conditions. The latter also evaluates the presence of forced labor, underage labor or any unwanted discrepancies relating to wages, working hours, disciplinary practices and discrimination against certain groups of workers.

Should You Get a Quality Control Audit?

The most important reasons why you should consider a factory audit for your suppliers are first of all to check whether they are able to ensure the level of quality regarding the final product they send you, and to make sure the manufacturing process for any products you might purchase is up to speed with the latest and most significant industry standards.

If you regularly order products wholesale from various suppliers in Asia – including countries like China, Indonesia, India or Taiwan – you can’t always ensure that all the products you get are made equally well. This is why comprehensive lab testing, in-process evaluations and shipping inspections are designed to minimize any risks and give you the quality control benefits you’d expect.

For any retailers, dentists or manufacturers of medical products, quality control is paramount. Whether you’re selling portable MP3 players or slimming pills, you have to make sure that all your products are fully tested and checked.