The Most Expensive Items That You Own

If you were asked ‘What is the most expensive item in your home?’ you would probably answer something in a personal nature. A ring, earring, watch, necklace, jeweled purse or an antique cloisonné box are few of the most likely answers. Next will be costly electronic gadgets like a flatscreen HDTV, high-end laptop, tablet, or sound system. Or maybe a painting. Rarely will it be a person because the question was about ‘expense’, not ‘value’. They differ from each other.

But when you analyze your home, you will probably find some things are truly expensive, more costly than other items in your house, particularly those that have been made more luxurious than normal. Among these could be specific parts of the house.

Bathroom. Even though the bathroom is one of the parts of the house least open to visitors, people want their bathrooms to be a bit more luxurious than standard. The tiles alone may cost a hefty sum, especially if made of marble or genuine granite, while the fixtures and fittings are usually upscale. It means bathrooms rarely use kitchen faucets, even if both areas are constantly exposed to water and humidity.

The cost of the bathtub is another matter. Many people prefer tubs tiled like the bathroom sink, rather than the fiberglass or enameled tin kinds. This raises its price but not its functionality. By the way, London’s Limestone Gallery sells a bathtub worth $140,000 and carved from a single block of stone.

But please don’t ask about the ‘The Eighth Continent’ bath, which costs $50,000 in the lower end of its bathing spectrum.

Flooring. Today, faux or simulated wood is the more commonly preferred flooring material. The fake hardwood flooring may be laminate or vinyl or some other material, but what it does is show a floor that looks like hardwood. Hardwood floors are costly, so if you have one under your carpet, say a prayer of praise. For instance, a square foot of Macassar ebony floor will cost about $150 per square foot, while that of zebra wood will be much more.

Meantime, the most expensive floor material is Pietra Firma LuxTouch tiles. Each tile sports 95 diamonds, nacre and abalone shell adornments set in a circle of black agate. A square meter of these tiles would cost you $1,000,000.

The car. For many a car is a necessity, and therefore the expense is rational and relatively cheap. But if you consider that you need to put in additional expense to use it, you will find that its total cost to you spirals upward with every passing day. The irony of it is that while its expense goes up, the actual value goes down.

For instance you buy your car for $10,000 and over two years spent another $10,000 in it for gasoline, oil, and maintenance. Thus it has cost you $20,000, but if you try to sell it, you would probably only get something like $5,000. Isn’t that paradoxical?

Oh. Today the most expensive car could be a Bugatti Veyron Supersport at $2.6 million, but the model version costs more at $2.9 million. The 10-inch model is made of 24-carat gold and a 7.2-karat diamond in the grill. Simply decadently extravagant.

What do you think?

This was a guest post by Claus from Unique Floorcare, offering professional floor maintenance to avoid the costs of replacing old flooring.