The New Garmin Fenix – A Rugged Outdoor GPS Watch For Adventurers

Improved safety and accurate navigation whilst on the mountains and orientation in unfamiliar territory is the main purpose of the new Garmin Fenix watch.  It is a sturdy and sporty outdoor GPS watch that is water resistant to 50 meters.  It includes a tear-resistant polyurethane band, up to 50 hours of battery life, high-precision ABC sensors for altimeter, barometer, and compass – all of which going into making the Garmin Fenix the ultimate outdoor watch that does not compromise on features or style.

You can use the TrackBack features to create navigation waypoints, GPS coordinates or compass directions, which help you to make a safe return to the starting point.  This is all displayed on the watch face via icons and you can even add a Garmin heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate, cadence, and body temperature. In addition there is ANT+ and Bluetooth interface compatibility to enable wireless data exchange between PC or MAC and other Garmin devices or compatible smartphones.  You are then able to share your outdoor adventures which have been created using the Garmin BaseCamp software application which allows for easy mapping and management of trails, routes, waypoints and geocaches.

Garmin Fenix is Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

Due to the compact design, the Garmin Fenix is an ideal companion for any type of outdoor activity.  It lets you keep your hands free whilst still being able to keep track of important information. All the features of the Garmin Fenix are designed to ensure reliable operation even under adverse conditions.

Even when it comes to weather, the Garmin Fenix ABC outdoor watch will have a say. Due to the sensitive barometer you can detect weather changes at an early stage and customize your route or activity to account for the changed conditions.

Accurate Information Via GPS Sensors

The integrated ABC sensors are calibrated by the GPS system and will continuously provide accurate information on height, height difference, pressure, weather trend and direction. The separate direction indicators around the main display are powered by a 3-axis compass so you can get information just with one quick glance at the Garmin Fenix watch.  In addition to that it is also possible to track other important data such as total time, distance, pace, and your time in motion whilst climbing, walking, or exploring.

Track and Explore with the Garmin Fenix Watch

Unlike other Garmin outdoor handheld GPS devices, the new Garmin Fenix watch comes with an innovative vibrating alert that can be coupled with data values to ensure notification of important information – such as weather alerts or altitude warnings. In addition to this the Garmin Fenix is good looking enough to be worn in daily life simply as a cool wrist watch.  It has standard watch functions such as vibratory alarm, timer, stopwatch and world time displays for all time zones.

With the supplied ANT+ USB stick, all the GPS data is stored in the memory of the Garmin Fenix watch and you can then conveniently and wirelessly upload this to PC or Mac and the Garmin BaseCamp software.  Within BaseCamp you can examine a wealth of data using tabular and graphical detail, and then compare plans and overlay these with richly detailed maps.  It is also possible to then share your Garmin Fenix activity with family, friends and other Basecamp users.

Garmin Fenix Technical Features

  • Robust and durable GPS Outdoor Clock with scratch-resistant mineral glass casing
  • LCD display with 70 x 70 pixels and 60 indicators in the circular array and LED backlight
  • Fully waterproof (50m)
  • Interchangeable Polyurethane Strap
  • Customizable sound signals and vibration alarm
  • Time, date, alarm, timer, stopwatch and world time function with multi-zone display
  • ABC sensors with calibration by GPS
  • Altimeter with ascent and descent data
  • Air pressure gauge with a weather forecast
  • 3-axis electronic compass technology for correct display in any position
  • Optional external temperature sensor for precise temperature display
  • Storage of routes, routes, waypoints and geocaches
  • Navigation waypoints, GPS coordinates or compass
  • Trackback function for safe return to the starting point
  • Fitness training support with display of time, distance, vertical speed, and pace
  • Autolap for automatic measurement of split times
  • Configurable display of data fields
  • Compatible with Garmin heart rate monitor belt for heart rate measurement and display
  • Compatible with speed and cadence sensor Garmin GSC-10
  • ANT  interface for wireless data transfer to / from PC and other Garmin devices
  • Compatible with Garmin BaseCamp software for mapping, planning, preparation, analysis and exchange of tracks, routes, waypoints and Geocashes
  • Bluetooth interface to exchange data with compatible mobile phones via Garmin Basecamp app
  • Built-in GPS with Battery run time of 16 hours (continuous operation) up to 50 hours (economy mode)
  • Includes equipment, printed quick start guide, user manual on CD, ANT + USB stick

The new Garmin Fenix is already available for pre-order from Amazon should you wish to purchase or you can visit for further details.