The Nursing Field Is Becoming More Advanced Than Even

The Nursing Field Is Becoming More Advanced Than Even

As the medical field continues to make ground-breaking, scientific advancements, the work force of related health fields must strive to keep up. Nurses play a critical role in patient care and their capabilities must be in sync with the fast pace of progress sweeping the medical health community to insure each patient reaps the benefit of what current science has to offer.

Advancements are made daily on many fronts of patient care. These may take the form of newly marketed drugs, new applications for longstanding pharmaceuticals, or changes in patient dosing. Medical technology is another field that is never stagnant due to constant developments and dramatic improvements in electronic components that affect patient outcomes. With the extensive use of computer technology in procedures, anesthesia, patient monitoring, diagnostics, testing, and even the recording of routine patient care, it’s easy to recognize a demand for continual learning and updating to keep abreast of new developments. Discoveries in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, both old and new, only add to the need for constant training and continuing education at every level of patient interaction. Nurses are also called upon more and more to perform in increased capacities similar to those of physicians. Continuing education, therefore, is an inevitable necessity not only for beneficial patient outcomes, but also to ensure a successful career.

Student nurses coming up through the ranks will receive the benefit of up-to-date instruction tailor made to all that emerging science has to offer, but those nurse veterans already in the field will need to acquire their nursing continuing education in a form that also allows them to maintain their current job responsibilities. Fortunately, advancements in computer technology have also provided additional venues for continuing education tailor made to the individual who may be employed full-time as a nurse or who has limited access to conventional institutionalized training. Online courses and nursing continuing education internet applications make it possible to pursue additional training and subsequent certification in spite of busy schedules, and as time and life allow, a godsend to nurses at all levels.

Our population continues to age and the life expectancy of our society continues to rise; a testament to the hard work and dedication of medical health professionals across our great nation. That fact also translates to a prediction of greater need in coming years, not only for attentive, compassionate nurses to care for the sick, but for a well-trained, educated nurse work force well-equipped for the task.

Jesse Dugan is an expert writer that has contributed to several fields including nursing and education. Follow him @JesseDugan.