The Path To My Perfect Job

After 26 years with the same firm, I felt like having a change. My old company had treated me well, but the same four walls and the same faces everyday had lost any and all appeal. I looked through the various employment agencies. None seemed to have vacancies available, suitable to my requirements and although I am fully qualified, and more than experienced, I felt that I needed more to a job than a desk.


During the process of my search, I came across countless agencies. Sign with us and we will place you here, register with us and we will place you there. Hundreds of firms, all were claiming to be able to find me a position, within my capabilities, in a very short period of time. Three months later I had been given 4 ridiculous offers, for companies barely trading, with a massive cut in salary. I was on the point of giving up. Surrendering to the idea that my current firm was the best I could expect.

Temporary Staff Member

Once a year, my current company requires temporary staff. We usually employ two or three part time students, to fill the gaps within our busiest time. This year however was different. My company only employed one person. The lady was as qualified as me, probably more experienced and quite happy to have a 3 month contract. I had to find out more about her.

The Agency

She explained everything. She had left her previous firm after 30 years of service. Her reasons sounded very similar to my own. 3 decades of the same walls and the same faces, she had needed a change. She had found the perfect agency. One which had assisted her every single step of the way. The only thing she had been forced to do herself was to hand her notice in at her previous company. Even then they had been on hand, providing advice and assistance. Within a matter of weeks they had placer her into her next role. She had stated that only temporary contracts were of interest and this is what they found. Over the past year the agency has found her consistent employment, in a variety of companies. Each one suited to what she was personally looking for. She considers it to be the smartest move she has ever made. She has convinced me to take the plunge. My own notice is almost up. I have signed with the agency.
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