The Perfect Gift For The Not-So Perfect Mother-In-Law

I love my mother in law, but sometimes she can be a big pain in the rear. Last year my wife and I were planning a trip to Hawaii when all of a sudden her mother came up with the “flu”. We canceled and my wife went over to take care of her. The next month we decided to take a cruise to Costa Rica, when all of a sudden her mother contracted a week long headache that only her daughter could cure. I began suspecting that my mother in law was faking ailments just to keep her daughter and I from having fun.

I decided to let bygones be bygones and do something special for my mother in law’s birthday. I asked family members if they had any idea of what she liked. Most of them told me that she was a jewelry lover and always loved to find a new pair of earrings. So I decided to go online and look up the best pair of jewelry I could find. There was such a huge selection of different types, sizes and colors that I feared I would have a problem finding the right one for her.

After a few days of searching I finally found some Semi-precious stone earrings that were elegant, beautiful and affordable. To make things even better they had her birthstone available which was a fine topaz with some gold flakes. I asked my wife what she thought of the present and she was absolutely floored at the idea of me being her mother jewelry. She promised to help me hide the gift from her mother until her birthday. The day before my mother in law’s birthday I choose to take her and my wife out for a early birthday dinner to set the mood.

The very next day my wife and I presented my mother in law with her brand new set of semi precious stone earrings. Her squeals of excitement and bright beaming smile said volumes to the happiness that she felt. My wife and her spent the next thirty minutes discussing the beauty of the earrings and how well they went with her eyes. I was happy that my mother in law enjoyed her present and at the end of the night she gave me a big hug. Since that day she has not been a nuisance in our lives and to this day brags about her topaz earrings.

James is a writer and blogger with 5 years experience.