The Popularity Of Cable Trays And Conduits

Electrical installations need to be supported and fastened to a structure to protect the wires and cable runs. It is important to choose the right pathways and the right equipment to make sure the electrical systems work properly.
Changes in the Market
Cable trays, conduits, and fittings have increased in sales over the past several years. United States companies shipped over $2 billion in electrical installation equipment. The market for cable tray has seen approximately $200 million in sales annually. Throughout the years, cable trays have had a steady growth of up to 25% increase each year.

Increase in Sales
One of the main reasons that may be affecting sales of cable trays is the increased use of metal-clad cables. These metal-clad cables have become sought after in the commercial electrical wiring systems. Metal-clad cables are easy to install and cost half as much as pipe and wire. Cable tray systems are used to support the metal-clad cables. Therefore an increased use of metal-clad cables will increase the use of cable tray systems.
There are a few other factors that have increased the popularity of conduits which include performance differences, regional influences, and cost considerations.
Performance Differences
Conduits have increased in popularity because it is an enclosed raceway that offers protection for the wiring and cables. It has excellent strength that provides a heavy duty barrier in harsh environments. This factor will enable the conduit to continue to be popular in the future
Regional Differences
Cable trays supports are a step above conduits when it comes to power and datacom. In places like Asia, Europe, and South America, cable trays are desired for most electrical work. However in the United States conduit sales beat cable tray sales by over 800%.
Cost Considerations
Advances in products have reduced the labor costs. There have been improvements that will speed up wire and cable installations and color code conduits so that there will not be a need for paint, power, or tape. Conduits are also being made with pre-lubricated surfaces to make wire pulling faster.
Cable tray manufacturers are coming up with innovations to save money. They plan to provide a new wire mesh tray to minimize resizing in the field. Cable trays can connect together without having to use nuts and bolts and other tools. The new design only requires a set of pliers to bend the locking tabs and to adjust the couplings.
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