The Popularity Of Car Window Stickers

Automotive window stickers are a prominent in most cars in the UK today. These range from corporate advertising and charity affiliations through to personal badges that tell passers-by of the sporting or political commitments of the driver.

The most common car stickers will probably be the ones that show the name of the garage that the car was bought from. These stickers tend to remain in place regardless of how it looks; the sticker is just seen as part of the fabric of the car rather than the removable advertising tool that it clearly is.

A more personal message Apart from those stickers that are designed as marketing tools for example advertising radio stations and car showrooms, you can also buy stickers that are more personal to the driver. These are the stickers that show that a conscious effort has been made to go out and buy one, as opposed to marketing stickers that tend to be handed to you as you walk through the streets of a local city. These stickers tend to display personality, fact or allegiances in the form of a football club or sports hero. The tags are often in the form of jokes, although it is very rare to read any of original content. Such chestnuts as ‘my other car is a Porsche’ and ‘don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly’ are commonplace on many car windows.

Another more personal sticker displays how family orientated the driver is with stickers such as, ‘little angel on board’ or ‘little monkey on board’ in gender driven colours of pink and blue. There could often be more than one of these stickers depending on the number of children in the family.

Religious stickers are also commonplace with the distinctive Christian ichthys (the fish symbol) adorning the cars of Christian’s throughout the world. With religion often described as a deeply personal matter, these stickers contradict this theory somewhat by displaying the belief of the driver so publicly for others to see and often ‘judge’.

The last category of window stickers where drivers have chosen to display a little of themselves to the world around them includes those which display their personal loyalties to sporting, charitable or even political figures or events.

Undoubtedly the most common sticker in this category has to be football support, with every club shop throughout the world selling club stickers to their loyal fans.

Whatever the motive, car window stickers appear to be here for the long haul.