The Practicality Of Self-Storage

Self-storage presents several advantages to those who need a safe and affordable place to store their property. Whether you are moving to a smaller space and need somewhere to store belongings or you’re simply cleaning unnecessary clutter from your home, a self-storage facility provides your solution.

Climate Control

A valuable advantage of self-storage is the ability to safely store items in a climate controlled environment. Many self-storage facilities offer cool, dry storage lockers ideal for keeping fragile collectibles in pristine condition. Some self-storage businesses charge a small extra fee for these kinds of spaces while others provide climate control for no additional cost.


Self-storage is a competitive market, prompting facilities to offer highly competitive leasing fees. Instead of moving to a bigger house or apartment, you can pay a month to month lease on a self-storage space, saving yourself hundreds of dollars a year. Certain self-storage facilities offer promotions, discounts or week to week leasing options to increase the level of affordability.

Mobile Storage Options

If you have no way to move your larger items to storage and have no budget for a rental truck or moving service, you can opt for a mobile self-storage option. A large storage container is dropped off where your property is located. You can load it with everything you need stowed away and have the container picked up when you see fit. This option is perfect for those who are moving or have no way to transport unneeded belongings.

 Access to Your Belongings

Storing your possessions with a friend or family member may seem like a good option on a budget but you will not have the easy access to your belongings that professional self-storage facilities have. Many self-storage places allow you to access your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without advanced notice. Loved ones usually don’t want you showing up at 3:00 AM the day of your big move to pick up your things.


While kept in a self-storage unit, your items are locked behind a padlock that only you have the key for. Most storage facilities also use security systems that include cameras and alarms that deter criminals from attempting break-ins. You may also be given the option to insure your belongings for a small additional fee.

The benefits of self-storage justify the cost of the unit lease. Your belongings will be safe until you need them moved back to your home.

Jim works for Whirlwind Steel, a steel building manufacturer. He frequently blogs about the advantages of using steel materials to build residential and commercial buildings.

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  1. These are wonderful ideas you have shared here about the various services offered by self storage facilities. Affordability and accessibility are important factors that must be considered before opting for a storage unit.

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