The Secret Benefits of Roses

Roses are an iconic symbol of romance and celebration. Bouquets of roses are a common Valentine’s Day gift, and people often get them for graduates, performers, or even to commemorate a special occasion.

But beyond the symbolism of sentimentality, roses have a more practical use. When you compress the petals together and create pure rose oil, you can apply the oil for many wellness and health benefits.

Though it takes more than twenty pounds of rose petals to make just one small bottle of oil, there are some amazing benefits to be had from rose essential oil.

The Rose Valley in Bulgaria

One of the more famous rose producing regions in the world is the Bulgarian Rose Valley, the home of the ancient Rosa damascena, or the Damask rose. Rosa damascena and its subvarieties, all gathered by hand, can only be found in Rose Valley. The varitel is commonly used to produce rose oil.

Famed for its beauty and rarity, the flower has given rise to an entire town that has been in the rose business since the Middle Ages, Kazanlak.


The antiseptic properties of rose essential oil have been known for thousands of years. It is a natural disinfectant, and has been shown to protect against viruses. It also useful against internal and external infections.

To get these benefits, you can apply rose oil externally, or ingest it by mixing it with a small amount in water, tea, or any beverage, preferably non-alcoholic.

Astringent properties

One of the amazing benefits of rose essential oil is its astringent property. It can be added to skin lotions, serums and sprays to lift skin and prevent wrinkles. It also strengthens hair roots. To take advantage of the 60 natural compounds found in it, mix a drop with your preferred form of skincare.

Its antioxidant properties make it useful for fighting against stretch marks, scars, and skin blemishes. It boosts the healing process of the skin.

To use it for benefits on your hair, mix a drop with your hair care products. Adding rose essential oil will reduce hair loss by strengthening the roots and toning the skin around it.

Another option is to steam rose essential oil for aromatherapy. Although it provides no direct benefits for your hair and skin this way, it sure does make a room smell good and will lift your spirits.

Purifies blood

Blood flow is very important for skin and hair. Increased blood toxicity or bad blood flow can lead to skin diseases. Rose oil works to neutralize toxins and free radicals, and therefore prevents harmful damage to your body, including aiding in the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

Balances hormones

For ladies, rose oil can work wonders to balance your hormones. The oil can purify your reproductive organs, helping to keep you regular and aid discomfort during menstruation. It can allegedly also delay menopause. According to, oil can help eliminate symptoms including “mood swings, hormonal imbalance, overeating, bloating, cramping, and excessive bleeding.”

Roses are revered all over the world, but it is their ability to be used for special health and wellness benefits that make them truly a special flower. They will make your home smell good, relieve skin issues, and brighten up your day. Whether you enjoy fresh flowers, or daily apply rose oil in your beauty regimen, roses can improve all aspects of your life.