The Secret To Writing Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to promote your online business, build traffic and build brand awareness. It is fairly easy to write a press release plus many of the top sites allow free submissions. Here are a few topic ideas and suggestions to help you use this powerful tool in your marketing efforts.

Link Back To Your Site

Most press release sites allow you to link back to your site using it’s url which means that you cannot use anchor text. However, there are still link benefits because these sites are generally considered “Authority Sites” and have high page rank. Some allow you to use two links which means you can link back to your site’s homepage as well as an additional interior page.  If you have a local online business with an actual physical address you may also want to include your business name, address and phone number in the body for local seo and citation purposes.

Keywords In The Title
It’s fairly easy to get your release ranked high in the search engines. One way of achieving this is to mention the longtail keyword you’re aiming for in the title of your release; make sure it’s natural and not spammy. Press releases get indexed fairly quick; generally within a few days.

What To Write About
The key to writing a good press release is to write something worthwhile or new that is worth reading and sharing. For example, if you own a car dealership you can use it as an opportunity to announce the addition of a new team member to your company or mention current car sales or discounts you may be offering. You could also write an article about the new Ford Mustang that just arrived at your showroom. Don’t forget to add a suitable image so that you can post it on Pinterest and link back to your release from that photo for extra traffic.

Promote Your Press Release

Build links to your press release after it’s been published in order to maximize your exposure. You may want to submit it to a few of the top social bookmarking sites out there and Tweet it to your followers on Twitter.  Why not also post a link to your release from your Google Plus account? The key is to build as many links as you can. Some sites such as Prlog will allow you to set up a business profile with a link back to your website. Make sure to write a detailed business description and bookmark the profile as well.

Written by Jacqueline Star – Universities such as Trident University can use press releases in order to make announcements about new education and college degree programs.