The Secrets Behind Soakaway Crates

What is a soakaway crate?
A soakaway is a type of infiltration device- a method by which rain water from a house or building can be gathered and distributed into the soil in a more suitable location. Put in simple terms they work in the opposite way to a well, by losing rather than accumulating water.

Traditionally, soakaways were simply a basic hole in the ground filled with old bricks and various gravel and rubble. However, this system inevitably led to significantly reduced storage capacity. Nowadays, soakaway crates have steered more towards the form of empty chambers.

How do I get the most from my soakaway crate?
When thinking about installing a soakaway crate, there are two main considerations that should be at the forefront of anyone’s mind. The first is the percolation rate of the soil. The percolation rate is the rate at which water moves through pores in the soil, and is usually measured in terms of inches per hour/ inches per day. Basically, soil with a greater percolation rate usually absorbs more water than that with a lower rate. It is important to note therefore, that soakaway systems do not tend to work well on heavy clay soils, so always make an effort to do your research before you buy.

Another important thing to consider is the size of the area/ volume of water needing to be drained. If you’re unsure, get recommendations from a professional or someone with more experience in the subject.

In order to safeguard yourself from any possible damage to building foundations, all excess water should be at least 5 metres away from the building itself.

Where should I get my soakaway crate from?
As with anything regarding your home, it is important to seek professional advice first. Make sure you contact a reputable provider before you purchase your soakaway crate.

For those with a slightly trickier task in hand, perhaps due to shallow or narrow excavation systems, modular units are a great deal more flexible, and therefore offer a more convenient option.

The Polystorm Soakaway crates are a great example of a more versatile and efficient alternative to soakaway systems of days gone by. With a 95% void ratio offering greater available space, this in turn means the customer can enjoy reduced costs. It is also available in a choice of light or heavy duty.

The Polystorm Lite is useful for pedestrian or public open spaces, whereas the Polystorm heavy duty lends itself well to housing developments and small car parks.

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