The Secrets To Success

Do you often wonder what makes some people successful while others, who seem to work just as hard if not harder, never seem to get ahead? The successful ones have certain qualities that make sure all of their hard work pays off. Develop and nurture these qualities as your secrets of success.

First of all, you have to dream big and have a goal. You cannot pursue success in a vague, amorphous way. Define your dream or dreams, and then write the steps, which are actually goals that will lead you to achieve that dream. Any personal coach will tell you that it is imperative to put your dreams, and the goals that will lead to those dreams in writing. Writing memorializes the dream; it is a concrete step that makes you fully aware that you have committed to the dream and the goals.  

Then, there are the three A’s: Attitude, Analysis and Action. In any situation, your attitude towards the situation and its outcome is going to play an important role. If you believe that you will succeed, you are halfway towards success. But reality has to have a role in life as well. Take your positive attitude and use it as a magnifying glass to analyze the choices you have to make for your success. On a practical level, you need to look at every situation from many angles to make it work for you, but if you to look at any situation with a jaded eye, you will be discouraged before you begin. Add a positive attitude to a practical analysis and solutions will come easily to you. The final A is action. Once you have decided to have a positive attitude, yet to analyze your prospects carefully, you have to make sure that you put them into action as much and as soon as you can.

Finally, stay focused and be persistent.  Remember that the road to success is not the hundred yard dash, it is a full marathon.  Each and every day, you have to ask yourself what steps you need to take today to assure that you are on the road to your dream. Keep each goal that leads to your dream in focus and concentrate your mind, your time and your energy on those goals. There will always be setbacks (your positive attitude will help you overcome them), but if you stay with your dream and are persistent in doing everything you can to stay on the road that leads to it, you are bound to be successful.

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