The Short & Sweet Honeymoon On Any Budget

Marriage is the start of a new chapter in your life and every couple wants the chapter of their wedding day to be special and memorable. The honeymoon is the intimate part of the celebration and indeed needs to just as many reminiscent memories as the ceremony.

There many options available when planning a romantic honeymoon to continue your time of nuptial celebration; however, most come at a lofty price which is the not so celebratory time in the process. Therefore, I would like to provide some simple and easy to follow honeymoon ideas that can accommodate any budget.

First Things First; Have a Budget
When planning your honeymoon vacation, make sure you establish a budget first and foremost  before choosing a final destination. Travel planning can be stressful. There are many aspects and pressures you may encounter while making decisions such as how much do you actually have to spend, where is it you would like to go, planning your itinerary, travel delays and more; planning your honeymoon really can turn into more work than you bargained for.

You may consider choosing a Staycation wherein you can just lease a local hotel room. Make sure to choose a special room with a patio and a remarkable view so that you can enjoy your time, inside or out. Fitness centers, spas and indoor pools can also be a great way to enjoy your stay even without leaving the hotel.

Mountain Cabin
Another way to enjoy your honeymoon the easy way is through a Mountain Cabin. If live in an area where there are mountain chains, consider renting a cabin and spend your first days as a married couple with nature. Bring along some candles and flowers to beautify the place and add your own touches of romance and intimacy. Extend your stay to some of the customary activities like fishing, hiking and swimming then rest in the cool of the evenings watching the sunset over the mountains.

Smooth Sailing
Even when money is tight, a few days of sailing just might be in the budget. Cruises are a romantic and fun way for couples to get away, unwind, and enjoy. Majority of the best cruise lines offer inclusive packages like food, onboard activities, swimming and entertainment. Pamper packed enjoyment. Check it out, you might be surprised to learn how even a short cruise and time alone can ignite your passions.

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