The Strategy To Repaint Your Car

Has your old car has lost its original charm, means paint? Then, the time has come when you should repaint it. Not only with the purpose of abstaining the neighbors from giving those bad stares while your car is parked in the garage, also to turn your old junk into cash.  Most people today believe that the only way to professionally repaint the car is to send your four-wheeler to a paint shop and let them do this job for you. Yes, this may be true in some scenarios, but on the whole, it can break your bank balance.

Contrary to the belief of most car owner, repainting your car is actually quite easy. The basic is to be prepared, need the right equipment and tool at your arm’s length.

How to get started? 

To start off you need to buy car spray paint and other painting materials. For this, you can either check a few e-commerce sites or reach to home décor shops near you.  After shopping, it’s time to give your car a good wash. This will eliminate dust and dirt particles, and will prepare for the working surface.

Sandpaper Job

Next, you should sand your old paint from the car, for this, you need the right set of sandpaper for this. Too coarse and harsh sandpaper will damage the metal surface of the automobile.

Once you sandpapered your old car, you have to use the proper primer. Car repainting, calls for the special primer to get that right mesmerizing finish. After you’ve transformed shoddily painted car paint into bare metal, take that extra care while using primer on bare metal, in case the body has rusted spots. Keep this clear in mind, if this is not done correctly, you will start to see rust emerging under your newly paint job.

How Much It Costs to Paint a Car? 

This is a million dollar- how much you to pay for painting your car. As the saying goes, the more you spend, the better is the output. Though, this is true in all case, little efforts while selecting paint material is critical-it make can your vehicle look rubbish or amazing. The quality of the paint defines the finish your car will have the repainting job. Urethane based paint is professional’s recommendation as it offers a flexibility and durability, which is second to none. $400 approx, what you need to shell out to buy one tin of this kind of paint. If you want a metallic look, then you can spend a few extra dollar- 2 coats. Other things you need to gather for this painting job: spray gun, tape, gloves, making paper, air compressor, thinners, dust masks, and boy putty.

To Wrap Up

  • Check out the top for hacks for flawlessly repainting your car
  • Always buy car spray paint four-wheeler undercover, and away from elements
  • Good quality paint and tools can make a great difference.
  • Preparation is the key to success
  • Knowledge – search the internet to find the best strategy to paint a car.