The Stunning Sights Of A Holiday To New York

The Big Apple – probably the most famous city in the world. Whereas it was once a shining light for people travelling to America in search of a better life, now it is a beacon to millions of tourists each year. Here’s what we think you should check out on your holiday to America’s busiest city.

Statue of Liberty

Iconic and beautiful – the statue has been welcoming people to New York since 1886. Given as a gift by the French people as a sign of their friendship, the neoclassical sculpture has remained on Liberty Island since its dedication.

The statue has undergone major improvements lately, with a new museum and pedestal under construction as well as work to allow greater to access to her crown. Head along to grab some truly breath-taking views of the city.

Museum of Natural History

Almost 150 years old, this Upper West side museum is one of the finest in the wold. It has over 32 million specimens, ranging from T-Rex skeletons to preserved lions and tigers, and at least 46 exhibitions running at any one time. It’s sure to provide a fun and educational day for adults and kids alike.

Central Park

And once you’ve been round the museum, why not go for a stroll in the city’s legendary park? This National Historic Landmark provides an oasis of tranquillity amongst the hustle and bustle of New York.

Visited by 35 million people each year, you could take a trip to the zoo, attend one of the many open-air concerts or simply ride through it on one of the city’s traditional horse drawn carriages.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The gallery is the largest art museum in America and has over two million paintings. Founded in the late 19th century, it now houses a wide range of styles and periods from around the globe.

The permanent collection contains work by Van Gogh, Caravaggio and Rembrandt amongst many other of the finest artists in history. A great way to spend an afternoon for both art lovers and novices alike.

Take in a New York Yankees game

If it’s the right time of year you should try to get yourself along to Yankee Stadium to catch the country’s most successful baseball the team. Games often last several hours and have an exciting, family-friendly atmosphere.

Empire State Building

Last but certainly not least is one of New York’s tallest buildings. Considered a modern cultural icon, visitors can make their way to its viewing platforms to catch a glimpse of the city’s unique skyline.

New York holidays are a truly once in a lifetime experience, with the city brimming with style, culture and attractions. What would you recommend to do on a holiday in New York?

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