The Stylish Michelle Obama Is Also A Healthy Force Of Nature

She’s not a conventional first Lady. Michelle Obama seems quite a force to be reckoned with; even Hillary Clinton would quake in her presence. Obama has done things her way since entering life in the White House and as an avid supporter of Barack Obama’s, his career has flourished something impressive since having such a strong lady by his side.

Michelle Obama

As the first African-American lady in the White House Michelle’s fan base is growing. Michelle Obama has quieted the political critics with her conventional family methods by ensuring her kids have a stable family grounding and her husband’s commitments don’t remove his brain and replace it with a machine. She has become a huge advocate on Barack’s policies, and makes no bones about what she agrees and disagrees with. It is said that Michelle negotiated with Barack when he voiced his decision to run for president. She agreed to support his decision if he gave up smoking.

Her support for healthy eating and organic produce has expanded to the White House kitchen where staff are instructed to only purchase organic foods. Mrs. Obama has also had a small organic garden, along with Bee hives, planted at the bottom of the South Lawn. Michelle has appeared on Ellen DeGeneres who challenged her to a push-up competition, which the First Lady won.

Her ‘Let’s Move’ movement has proved to most popular with people. Michelle told everyone she was going to make a difference to the problem of ‘childhood obesity’ within the American community. It’s a legacy she wants to leave behind and Michelle Obama would like to look back on obesity in a few years and see that the changes she implemented have made a positive difference. It’s an avoidable issue that is proving fatal for many children. Because she’s in such a high-profile position Michelle Obama has also used it to the advantage of her charity work which includes soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

When she is shaking hands and making international trips on behalf of the Obama political family her fashion sense and style is constantly being scrutinised. Michelle Obama may be criticised sometimes for a few of her choices but this is one lady who appears to not care what the world thinks. As long as she is helping others and keeping her kids and husband healthy, Michelle Obama does not seem to be phased about much, unless you’re feeding her processed cheese and chemical meat.

Nicky Warner is a blogger with a penchant for fashion topics. While researching current styles in San Francisco and the stylish corporate wear of workers in office space San Francisco, Nicky came across topics on the stylish First Lady and her motivation to succeed.