The Sun May Be Lost In 2020 Scientists Claim

The Sun May Be Lost In 2020 Scientists Claim

Astonishing  breaking news  has been getting to know from the recent thesis of the scientist that, the sun may be lost in 2020-2030. The scientists, who were involved in the thesis, had declared that, because of the imbalanced environment and ecological system, the sun is losing its power day by day, and it has a high risk of stopping working suddenly.  The solar cycling system can be crashed anytime and affect with a very bad impact to the all kinds of living. So, the whole earth is now facing a great risky time.

The scientist had declared before the media that, in spite of so much shinning too much brightly still now, the solar system, which has mainly built from the surroundings of the powerful sun, can be damaged anytime or crashed. SO, the earth will be turned into very cold again and the ice age might come. The whole living aspects will be facing many troubles to survive. If their fear really comes true, then the whole watery places will turn into icy condition and also create same condition of the other things too. Many animals, trees and other insects will also start to die randomly.

In the past, it was maybe 1646 to 1715, this thing was about to happen suddenly.  Not only for the first time, was this crash also occurred for some several times too. And it caused a huge number of deaths also took place without any preparation. Moreover, as the past, technologies were not so much upgraded, the scientists also could not be aware about this horrific condition or made the people aware of it. However, they also could not predict how many days or months or year this condition was about to stay.

Well, it is only hoped that, this time the prediction of our scientists also may not come true. Because, if this thing happened even accidentally, then the whole world will contain the highest risk of being destroyed. The solar or the sun is the main source of power and energy. So, if the regular cyclic program crashed without any preparation, then the people and the other livings of the earth will face harder to survive the situation. They will start to die randomly by the scarcity of foods and water and the other vital elements of their surviving.

If the sun started to stop working, then the trees will also not be able to produce oxygen, which is the main fact of the people and other animal’s breathing. SO, if the tress cannot do that, they the people also not are also to live and they will die. The whole world will be tress less and also lives less. Only the icy cold world will be remaining and there will be no sign of life. So, to stay far from this situation, we should maintain the scientist’s advices and try to assist the ecological balance to be maintained all time all together.