The Surge Of White Pellet Fishing

As any fisherman can tell you, finding white hook pellets that don’t bleed out once tossed over the boat is a little of a difficult task (read: impossible!). Luckily, we can now tell those fishermen that their claims of impossibility are no more. Reliable white pellets have been popping up on the market over the previous year, with some companies taking a monopoly on the product because of how far ahead they are than the rest of the suppliers. Let’s talk about what these white pellets do, shall we?

You won’t be seeing any cloud dispersing from the pellet underwater. It won’t become clear, and it certainly won’t be turning new colours. You can expect it to start out as white and end up as white, even after two hours of being submerged! Most other pellets begin to fall apart or lose their colour after merely only a few minutes while underwater, so this is definitely a bonus when compared with coloured pellets.

What makes the white pellet so special compared to, say, a red pellet? Or perhaps a black pellet? There are two reasons for this. First, nobody else has figured out how to manufacture white pellets that don’t lose their colour until recently. Second, the colour of a pellet can make or break your fishing trip.

Since we’ve already talked about the first reason, let’s have a look at the second reason. Simply put, a white pellet that doesn’t muddy the water and lose its colour has incredible benefits if the water is clear. It stands out in the sunlight and attracts more fish since it’s so overly visible. Fish will be able to home in on the lighter colour much better than they could with a dark pellet. Better yet, you’ll also have an easier time tracking where your pellet is if the water is particularly clear on that day.

So are white pellets a big deal? To a fisherman, it most definitely is! Being able to reliably use a lighter pellet now gives a fisherman the guarantee of satisfaction. There will no longer be a need to move because you’ve clouded the water.

It truly comes as no surprise, then, to find out that white pellets are becoming one of the fastest selling fishing products. It’s a unique product that can be found on only a handful of web stores, and it has significant benefits to those that fish often in clear waters. Believe you me, once you try these pellets out, you won’t go back unless you happen to be fishing in a dark or coloured region.

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Chris Holgreaves is the company owner of WillyWorms, a UK-based online store that services the fishing community.