The Top 4 Lifestyle iPhone Apps

Many people forget the importance of living life, so consumed with a daily working routine that life opportunities are often missed. If you work too hard you will become very stressed in life and will not be able to enjoy the simplest lifestyle pleasure in front of you. Stress is a bad trigger that can cause depression, anxiety and hair loss problems, it affects the body inside and out and to many a time’s people let stress rule them. Always remember, you work to live not live to work!
Thanks to mobile technology and the increasing amount of apps available, you can now enjoy some lifestyle pleasures on the go stress free. Here are the top 4 iPhone apps you might like to consider.

Wine Find

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Are you a wine lover and have always wanted to go wine tasting but end up just relaxing with a glass of wine at the end of the day? Well, if you cannot fit wine tasting into your schedule let the wine come to you. With the Wine Find app, you will not get to taste wine but you will get close to it. This app allows you to find the best wine that will go with the best food, learn how to make the perfect meal and accompany it with a luxurious wine. You can select wines by flavours on the flavour wheel and not only will this increase your knowledge of wines but it will make you become an expert in wine. The app allows you to create a library of your favourite wine so you do not forget them and in addition you can even test your knowledge.


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Are you working so hard to invest money in property but you do not have the time to search for that property? The Rightmove app, allows you to find properties whilst on the go. With this useful app you can search the largest database of properties, for sale or for rent. The visual map allows you to define your search and identify numerous properties in a neighbourhood making it less time consuming to have to walk into an agency and then into the next one down the road, now you have it in front of you and all the accessible information required. A good feature on this app is the floor plan detail, you get to zoom in and see exactly what you are offering your money for and what it will look like. In addition the app allows you to contact the estate and letting agents directly.


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The largest marketplace where people come to sell and buy online is Ebay. If you are either buying or selling you will want access at anytime of the day to keep track of what is happening. With the Ebay app you get to do exactly this, no more losing out to a last minute bid because you did not have the time to log on and check the progress, the Ebay app rescues you. Mobile bidding has never been so much fun, use the RedLaser barcode scanner that allows you to search items more quickly. If you want to set up notifications on your mobile to let you know if you have been outbid than this app gives you the option to do this, don’t miss out on that bargain!


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How important is your car in your life, does the slightest fault or breakdown want to make you pull your hair out? This iPhone app brings to you information and data before you invest money into a car that may die quickly. Choosing the right car to buy is always the beginning process so get it right. Who wants to pick a car that may have hidden faults all over the place and cause danger, make sure you check what you are buying early on and avoid the stress later on.
iCarCheck enables you to obtain the basic data you will need to know about a car, the history of the car to the fuel type, brake horsepower to how green it is, do you know the CO2 emission level? If you do require more information on a car check than you can pay for additional features. £2.99 will buy you important information on stolen vehicle checks, number of keepers, colour change history, insurance write off information and more. Dependent on how much information you need and how detailed it must be, the price for information will increase or decrease but at least this apps allows you to access the information quickly rather than have to write off and wait for this type of information to get back to you. Thank you mobile technology for making life speedy!
Thank you to Jeanna H for this lifestyle list; As Jeanna states you need to live life stress free! Plan ahead and avoid the stress early on, this will stop medical conditions like Alopecia hair loss from occurring!