The Top 5 British Horror Cars To Make Any Car Enthusiast Cower

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling from the trees and the scariest night of the year is fast approaching; unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem to be that scary anymore. Gone are the days when we were children, scaring ourselves silly with tales of ghosts, ghouls and witches; does nothing get our heart racing and our palms sweating anymore? Well, you better buckle your seatbelts; these horrifying British vehicles will have any car enthusiasts shaking in their boots and hiding under their sheets. Brace yourselves.

Austin Allegro- Britain’s Worst Car

This frightful vehicle was voted Britain’s worst car an astounding 25 years after production ceased. Throughout production from 1973-1983 the Allegro was aptly nicknamed the ‘All-Aggro’ and it’s easy to see why!
This ‘interesting’ little car was actually more aerodynamic when travelling backwards than when being driven forwards while early versions of the car had a rectangular steering wheel. It doesn’t seem to have caught on though; I wonder why?

Morris Marina

What do you expect from a good car? Actually, what about an average car? Most of us probably wouldn’t expect too much; just a decent standard of quality, good steering and an average appearance. Ah…it seems that Morris Marina most definitely does not qualify as being an average car.
The appalling build quality combined with the outdated appearance, terrible rust-proofing and atrocious steering makes the Morris Marina an absolutely horrifying car!

Triumph Acclaim

If you’re looking for a car that you don’t want to drive then this is the car for you! The combination of a Honda Engine and a British running gear, unfortunately, didn’t prove to be a match made in heaven. Reliability isn’t exactly the Acclaim’s strong point; in fact, the best bit about this car was probably the advertising poster.

Morris Ital

Launched in 1980 the Morris Ital actually proved quite popular and the sales were fairly healthy. Unfortunately, as time went on it became overwhelmingly apparent that the build quality of the car left quite a lot to be desired and the all too familiar rust problems of the Morris Marina had come back to haunt us!
Unsurprisingly this was the last car to bear the Morris badge and in this case, last most definitely meant least as the Morris Ital came second in poll of ‘The Worst Ever British Car’ by the Sun.

Triumph TR7

It’s fair to say that the Triumph TR7 was a beautiful car but that that beauty only ran skin deep; in fact, it was an absolutely fantastic car until you turned the engine on! Once again, it’s shoddy build quality that makes this car a frightful mess and if you wanted to get to work on time in the mornings then it’s not advisable to rely on this car to get you there. This really is a case of ‘it’s what inside that counts’.
If you’re a fan of quality British motors then stay away from this lot! Car enthusiasts have been known to wake up in a cold sweat, traumatised by the horrifying nightmare of being forced to drive one of these top 5 terrifying cars. Be afraid: be very afraid!

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