The Top 5 Movies About Computer Hackers

The modern world is one in which technology dominates the daily lives of many people. Power has shifted considerably in recent years to those who can use electronics and technological innovations to their benefit, and the people who can master computers are often the ones who hold the strings in many of life’s interactions. For these reasons, technology and computers are common themes for the movies into which many people choose to escape. Hacker movies, in particular, have become very popular, and the following five movies are some of the best movies about hackers ever made. Though some of them may seem dated, they all offer an eye-opening glimpse into the technological underworld.

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The Matrix

Released in 1999, this film has become one of the most beloved science fiction movies of all time. It follows the story of computer hacker Neo and the changes he must overcome to reach his true potential. Though it does not get into many of the modern, day to day aspects of computer hacking, it reveals a philosophy that many computer hackers live by. This mind-blowing film is full of surprises, so it is recommended that those who have never seen it watch it without spoilers, if possible. They will be rewarded with one of the most compelling revelations in movie history.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

This movie, released in 2011, is the most recent film on the list, but it offers the most modern depiction of the realities of computer hacking. Based on the novel by the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson, this film follows a man who has been charged with solving the mystery of a missing girl in Sweden. The man must employ the talents of a unique woman who has mastered the art of computer hacking in order to solve the case, and many interesting events occur as a result. Directed by David Fincher, the film is amazing to look at, and it features a stunningly original style.


This 1995 film may feel a bit quaint to modern movie-goers since it was released during a time when the internet was only beginning to show up in the daily lives of people. However, those who can escape into the movie’s world find themselves inside a dramatically satisfying tale of youth and technological power struggles. Though time has not been kind to much of this film, it holds up surprisingly well as a depiction of hacker personalities and the machinations they must endure.


This 1992 film may not seem as if it bears any resemblance to the modern world of technology, but it actually gives audiences a great entry into the world of the types of people drawn to high-level technology and hacking. Sneakers stars Robert Redford as the leader of a company that specializes in testing security systems. The movie shows the many ways in which people can gain access to computer systems, and it also features some smart dialogue and computer-based action for its time. Despite the fact that it was released 20 years ago, it holds up surprisingly well.

The Italian Job

This 2003 remake of a 1969 British action film devotes a surprisingly large number of scenes to computer hacking, and it successfully shows how hackers are able to do both good and bad things with their skills. Essentially an action caper, the movie stars Mark Wahlberg as the leader of a heist team that must pull off an amazing theft. The action does not end there, though, and the rest of the movie features one thrill after another, often with a technologically relevant angle.

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