The Top 7 Halloween Safety Tips

Although Halloween is one of the most entertaining of holidays, it can also be one of the more dangerous, since the streets are littered with children and trick-or-treaters in Halloween costumes. Instead of risking the chance of actually becoming a member of the dead, the following Halloween safety tips keep you and your child out of harm’s way. From living and eating habits, to appropriate clothing and antibiotics, these safety tips have your Halloween covered.

  • The Flu: Depending on where you live, Halloween can be a rather bone-chilling evening. Combine the person-to-person contact with this chill and you have a perfect evening for the flu to take hold. The best way to prevent the flu is to receive a vaccine, or increase your Vitamin C intake. Flu vaccines last for approximately six months, so if you get one, you’ll be set for the whole autumn season.
  • Wash Hands: With everyone passing around candy, it’s best to keep your hands sanitized, so as to prevent the spread of infection and illness. Carry around some hand sanitizer and make sure to keep those fingers from getting dirty.
  • Sleep Habits: Sure, Halloween encourages you to stay up all night trick-or-treating, but it’s best to develop healthy sleep habits long before the holiday hits. You want to be rested up and ready to walk through the neighborhood, or hand out candy for kids. Plus, healthy sleep patterns help to deter long-term chronic diseases and disorders.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: No, I’m not going to tell you to hand out fruits and vegetables for Halloween – that would be cruel – but I am going to recommend eating loads of fruits and vegetables leading up to Halloween. Kids are going to get enough candy during and after the holiday, so it’s best to take a proactive stance by feeding them healthy treats beforehand.
  • Comfortable Shoes: From kids to adults, everyone should wear comfortable shoes for Halloween. Countless individuals dress in shoes that match their outfit, but once they hit the streets for some trick-or-treating, the shoes begin to cause harm to their feet. Comfortable shoes keep you feeling great all night long, without causing damage felt for weeks.
  • Winter Clothing: Although Halloween is technically celebrated during the autumn season, winter weather does not always abide by such technicalities. Be prepared this Halloween by dressing in, or bringing along, winter clothing. It may not seem like a necessity when you first leave the house, but the weather could take an unpredictable turn for the worst, leaving you cold and miserable.
  • Injury Prevention: Countless individuals are injured on Halloween, but here’s how you can help prevent such things from happening: wear bright colors, either integrated into your Halloween costume or over it; look both ways before crossing the street; travel with friends and family members; never enter the house of a stranger; if candy becomes too heavy, make a trip home to unload.

Halloween safety tips are designed as a foundation for a safe and enjoyable holiday, but these are not guaranteed to prevent all injuries and mishaps. Read over the list and continue creating your own rules and regulations, so as to ensure that all aspects of Halloween are covered.

But the most important rule is one that does not need to be included in the above list: have fun. No other holiday incorporates costumes quite like Halloween, which is why this holiday is so entertaining. With too many rules, however, the fun could be diluted and become tedious. Find the balance between safety and entertainment, and then get ready for a memorable Halloween evening.
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