The Top Buzz Generating Ads of Super Bowl XLVII

The Super Bowl has come and gone again, and this year’s edition had no shortage of epic advertisements. From the good to the bad to the downright ugly, there were advertisements that made Americans laugh, cry, and cringe. For many companies that choose to spend 3.8 million dollars on 30 seconds of air space, there’s a pretty big financial gamble as to whether all of that money will see a return in investment. Like every year, there were some clear-cut winners in the Super Bowl ad realm, and some clear cut losers. Check out this list for the top Super Bowl ads, and why it is that there ads were so successful.

Lincoln’s “Steer the Script”

Lincoln had an innovative idea when it came to their Super Bowl ad, one that is sure to drive some serious business to CT Lincoln dealers. Industry experts believed that 2013 was to be the year of crowd sourcing, and that’s just what the Lincoln ad did. Lincoln solicited the help of Jimmy Fallon to help promote the campaign, which asked for Twitter users to tweet their best road trip stories. Lincoln then compiled a bunch of these tweets and created an advertisement that melded the craziest stories together. The result: a hilarious ad that definitely appealed to the younger generation. Mentions about Lincoln on social media soared following the ad, bringing some light to a brand trying to appeal to a new audience.

Ram’s “God Made a Farmer”

Every year, there’s a Super Bowl ad that quiets the room and starts serious discussion amongst everybody at the Super Bowl party. Arguably that ad this year was Ram’s “God Made a Farmer” which appeared in the second half. Paul Harvey’s famous speech was put over beautiful and moving images of the life of an American farmer, detailing both the struggles and the accomplishments. The ad did a fantastic job incorporating the idea that a solid truck is the backbone of the American farmer, and will no doubt generate some much needed buzz for the brand. Successful ads become a part of pop culture, and it looks like “God Made a Farmer” is going to represent that kind of ad in this year’s Super Bowl lineup.

Oreo’s “Cream or Cookie”

Oreo’s ad from this year’s Super Bowl was the big winner, not just because it was a great creative ad but because of how the ad was incorporated into the now famous blackout that occurred during the second half of the Super Bowl. Oreo highlighted what occurs during a simple argument over what’s the more enjoyable part of an Oreo cookie, the cream or the cookie. Viewers loved the drama that ensued after the fight become full blown, while all the people involved still whispered since it look place in a library. But when the lights when out, Oreo pounced. Oreo tweeted an ad that said “ You can still dunk in the dark” and received just about 15,000 retweets, and almost 20,000 likes on Facebook. Oreo pounced on the opportunity to get some publicity, and it sure worked.

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