The Training Log Strategy – Do They Really Help To Keep Everything In Track With Your Training?

Having a strategy in mind when going for being fit can be the best idea in the world because most of the people now a day give up after the first try because they don’t have any direction in what they are doing. It’s really important to see how useful can a strategy be when it comes to losing weight and staying in shape. There are various ways that can be used here, but the most recommended one is the training log strategy.


Life without any objectives has no meaning whatsoever. This is because of the fact that many people feel lost without having an idea where they are heading. It’s really important to see that this is not tracking your life and leaving the spontaneous behind, this is pointing a destination and not knowing the road there. The very same rule applies when it comes to losing weight as well because you need to know from the start what you want to do with your body, what weight you want to reach, which is the best approach to do it and so on. These are some objectives that you fix for yourself in order to constantly have in mind where do you want to arrive.

Mark your Steps!

The idea of training with a log means that you have to keep track of everything that you do in order to reach your objectives. Why is this idea important? The answer comes from various psychologists that talk about the importance of seeing success in the little steps that you make towards your goal. This will help you reach your target and will be a constant motivator for you. It’s really satisfying to see the amount of kilograms that you lose on a daily basis, the amount of work that you put in, what you are doing in order to reach your goals. It’s an incredible way to keep your spirit high and don’t lose your motivation until the end.

Encourage yourself!

If you create a training log, you need to always be on the lookout for anything that might ruin your motivation. A constant encouragement for your success is essential, not because of the benefits that it brings to your training, but for the fact that your mind will be constantly set on the success. Being positive is not something that is utopia because it has some benefits that a negative person won’t have. It’s really important to believe in yourself and in what you can do, for the sake of your own success.

When you Feel Down…

Another great reason why keeping a log is important is the one related to those harsh times. There will be some times when you will feel down, you will want to quit and leave everything behind and that’s when you should look at your log. Examine your progress and success from the moment you’ve started this journey and until now. Think about how important the objectives are to you and how hard you’ve worked to reach that certain point. Seeing your small successes will not only be a strong motivator for you, but will help you understand that you’ve come a long way and you can’t quit right now. It’s basically a tool for keeping in mind what you’ve worked for and how far you’ve gotten.

Train with Others

The idea of keeping a log is great, especially when it comes to competition. There are many reasons why working with another person can be helpful for an individual, but the most important of them all, is the idea of competition. People love to be involved in a contest and if this is for a cause like losing weight, the game will be much more interesting. The idea of using a log here is to mark the progress that you’ve done and your friend’s progress as well. If he is better than you, a strike of motivation will be in order to reach his level and overcome it in a split of a second. It’s really important to see the good side in all this training as you is doing it for yourself and your well being and that’s really important.

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