The Two Best Driving Roads In Los Angeles

Cruising around in our cars is one of America’s favorite past times. There’s nothing like showing off your amazing ride in a trendy and hip area while getting the opportunity to admire other stunning cars. Let’s take a look at the two most famous cruising roads in Los Angeles .

The Trendy Sunset Strip
If you’ve got an exotic car to show off then the Sunset Strip in L.A is definitely the place to cruise and “be seen” on the weekends. The most exclusive area of Sunset Blvd stretches from West Hollywood  all the way to Beverly Hills. The streets are lined with trendy “It” Hollywood restaurants such as Le Petit Four, Katana’s and Boa’s Steakhouse plus you’ll get to gaze at landmarks such as The Chateau Marmont as you cruise by. Don’t be surprised if you see a few celebs walking around with their own paparazzi following.  Remember, this is the playground of the rich and famous and no one will blink an eye at your S-Class Mercedes or 7-series BMW.  Having cruised this area quite a bit myself I’ve seen plenty of Ferrari’s (including a pink one), Lamborghini’s, Aston Martin’s  and even a parked classic Rolls Royce that got plenty of attention from passerbys.  The Sunset strip only has two lanes and traffic generally flows at a very slow speed which is perfect for cruising and enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. The road has quite a bit of twists and turns and remember to drive careful since there are a few potholes and rougher surface areas at some points. The best time to cruise Sunset Blvd is on Saturday nights when the action is happening; hundreds of visitors descend from all over L.A to cruise and enjoy the strip on Saturday night. It’s not just luxury cars that cruise the Sunset strip, you’ll also find plenty of regular cars on the road such as Accord’s, Camry’s and of course the oh so trendy and hip Prius. Regardless of whether you purchased your car from Ferrari of Beverly Hills or a more modest Honda Los Angeles; the key is to be confident with your ride and polish it up to showroom quality before you venture out.
PCH From Santa Monica Blvd To Malibu
If you want a more scenic drive then consider driving on Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica Blvd all the way to Malibu. The perfect car to cruise on PCH during the summertime would definitely be a luxury convertible.  You’ll get to enjoy a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean on the left and picturesque hills and canyons on the right. PCH also only has two lanes and traffic and can be particularly slow on the weekends. The roads are extra curvy and windy which makes it a perfect place to see how your car engages those twists and turns. PCH is definitely one of the best cruising spots in L.A during the summertime during the daytime.
Written by Jacqueline Star – Dealerships such as Lupient Nissan offer affordable and sporty cars that are perfect for cruising.