The Unique Tin Tile

Metal tiles are normally associated with tin ceilings. These large tin plates adorned American ceilings in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From five and dime stores to offices and throughout many homes, tin ceiling tiles were the rage of the day. Today these tiles can be bought and used in several ways. Restored antique tiles are just one way to recycle and reuse in an old world style. To take the ease of finding antique tiles there are several companies manufacturing new metal ceiling tiles in hundreds of patterns. Choosing between antique or new is often the buyer’s desire to stay with a certain type of décor throughout a home.

Tin tiles not only are for ceilings but many roofs that appear to be terracotta or Spanish style are in fact tin. These metal decorative roofs are a great alternative to expensive tiled ones. Metal roofs are a great cost effective way to tile as they are virtually maintenance free. Unlike ceramic, these come in a wide range of colors, styles and shapes with several decorative elements to choose from.
Though it’s not something new, a new alternative to high end decorative tiles is available. Metal tiles are being handmade and manufactured by several great companies. These items come in many types of metals from copper, stainless steel to brass and more. New homeowners are looking for something different to decorate their homes. These unique tiles are something that fit with the bold flavor of today’s design market. Take a look in for a Dallas Tile or any other professional tile outlet and ask them about the unique possibilities of metal tiles for the home.
Designs available with metal tiles are endless. To find the right design for that next home project can be easy from a wide range of styles and shapes. Most people associate metal tiles with modernistic designs and décor within a home. The endless possibility with metal tiles allows for endless options for high end interiors as well as the 1950s diner decorating that many vintage and fad people enjoy. Before eliminating the possibility of using metal tiles for the home take the time to browse through the wide variety available to see if they fit with the design possibilities.
Metal tiles are not just for the walls as many companies are offering stainless steel floor tiles. These tiles are resistant to corrosion and oxidation and make an elegant statement all their own. These floor tiles can be used as a heavy gauge metal back splash to any kitchen. The use of decorative ceiling tiles is another alternative to the same kitchen back wall. Often these are much easier to clean and care for and can be painted with metal primer applied first.
In an Eco friendly world several companies are offering recycled metal tiles. In keeping with the Green life we live in, metal tiles are a great alternative for an ever changing universe. Some of the great hand wrought artisans making metal tiles are doing so with recycled materials. The metals used are not only for floor or wall applications. Artists are making examples to hang and use as tiles, trivets and other decorative objects.
Installation of these types of tiles is basically simple. Most metal tiles have adhesive tape backing much like vinyl floor tiles. If installing over an old wall surface one should use a cement backer board. When using metal tiles on the back splash these must be applied with flexible caulk. To grout tiles of this kind require flexible grout when setting to a wall. When applying near a stove or heating element the special grout is especially needed. Applying a pattern for walls or floors most metal tiles have one corner notch to easily determine the pattern direction.
A thin set mortar should be used for metal tiles without adhesive backs. The mortar must be modified with latex to help with slippage and settling. Should the tile need drilling or cutting, a diamond tip drill bit or a carbide blade will suffice. Be sure to understand the correct method in applying different kinds of specialty tile, especially metal tiles in general. Take a look in for a Dallas tile outlet or any other neighborhood outlet for professional information before starting a project of this nature.
If searching for a new machine age décor for the home or office think about metal tiles for your next project. Many young homeowners into steam punk design to Art Deco are turning to metal tiles. Take a step on the wild side and enjoy something a little different.

Nathan Giles is a history graduate now studing the old tin mines and the tiles made from them.