The Value Of Telemedicine In Video Conferencing

The Value Of Telemedicine In Video Conferencing

Now, a new force of the medical field is growing rapidly, that is, remote diagnosis and treatment model. In fact, it is through the network and video conferencing, because both from the initial consultation needs of medical institutions, network, video conferencing, collaboration and information sharing capabilities, which is a unique choice.

Thus, with the globalization of medical services, as well as the integration of online video conferencing into the cloud, the combination of the two has shown an increasingly close relationship, so that video conferencing solutions become an integral part of telemedicine, and it has more and more prominent value of telemedicine.

  1. The value of information. Video conferencing has the ultra high-definition audio and video real-time “dialogue” advantage for people to meet simultaneously, or point-to-point exchange, which meets the global medical institutions. Healthcare workers need to exchange information anytime, anywhere. In a broader context, video conference is a globally shared system that has the ability to publish announcements or notifications in conjunction with designated objects or groups, as well as remote collaboration such as document co-editing, which allows the latest information to effectively flow up, and spontaneous formation of communication based on the medical professional information.
  1. The value of resources. Do not say that in the world, even in different regions of the same country, the distribution of medical resources is not a very obvious phenomenon, video conferencing makes telemedicine maximize the balance of this poor resources, through the recent very hot video diagnosis and treatment. It is an unimaginable thing for pacients to be able to “face” expert who they want to see and get consultation service of high-level medical professional team. Similarly, remote surgery can also be launched through video conferencing platform, in the high-definition macro camera support, doctors located in different places, for example, in the United States, China and Australia, can simultaneously face the same operation. In this way, diagnostic accuracy and surgical success rate significantly improved.
  1. The value of image. Today, the support of teleconferencing has become a standard for examining the strength of medical institutions because its value in service has been highly recognized by users and cannot be better achieved. Remote diagnosis and treatment has been sufficient to affect the needs of a modern medical institution’s external image. In developed countries, the application of telemedicine has long been very common, mainly covering remote imaging, remote diagnosis and consultation, remote care and health care, and many other aspects of its professional image enjoys popular support. In the country, video conferencing service providers pursue higher value, so that the platform and the medical system are seamless integration, medical records and database resource are more convenient, established remote diagnosis and treatment service system are more comprehensive, contributing to medical institutions becoming better to provide professional services, image value doubled.

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