The Volvo XC90: Review

The first full sized SUV to be sold was the Volvo XC90 and this was launched over ten years ago. Since that time SUVs have come a long way in design and although this car remains a family favourite there have not been too many changes.

The large seven seater Volvo XC90 is great for families. It has a rugged exterior and four wheel drive that allows it to cope with any driving situation. This first generation SUV is coming to the end of its lifespan and there is a new model waiting to be launched so you may be wondering if it is still worth buying.

The vehicle is not cheap and resale values will drop when the new model is available but there are still some benefits to buying this model. The very large boot and split tailgate makes it simple to load heavy bulky items and there are three rows of seats.

The car will easily cope with 7 people although the final rear seats are really only big enough for children. Inside the cabin there are numerous storage compartments. The only engine available is the 2.4 litre turbo charged diesel with automatic transmission.

The drive and performance of the XC90 does make it seem a little dated. The soft suspension makes the car roll when rounding corners and when you compare it to new models such as the Discovery 4, which gives a more responsive drive, you will notice the difference. This SUV does excel in comfort.

The seating is soft but supportive and visibility is excellent due to the high driving position. For long  distances you cannot get a more comfortable ride. However, as with all SUVs, the car is not economical. The best figures show a return of 34 mpg with a high 219g/km of CO2 emissions and this makes for a hefty road tax bill.

Volvo has a good reputation for being reliable and even though this model is over 10 years old it still ranks well. The car is robustly constructed and has good safety equipment. There are plenty of air bags, an anti rollover protection system and anti whiplash head restraints. Also included is side impact protection and all the safety equipment is fitted as standard. Volvo also offers a three year servicing deal and taking one of these will prevent expensive mechanics bills.

A large vehicle like an SUV will undoubtedly suffer from wear especially when it is used for transporting equipment or heavy loads. You can prevent too much wear by purchasing a set of car mats for the XC90.

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