The War On Christmas: How Big Brands Are Gearing Up For Christmas Business

The holiday season is approaching fast and companies are ramping up for the Christmas period. Major producers of big brands in the industry are affected by the volume of sales during the holiday season. These companies make changes such as hiring new employees, increasing advertising and increasing production. As big companies prepare for the holiday season, many people can benefit from this time. Let’s take a look at how big brands are preparing for the holiday season online and in stores.

Hiring Holiday Workers

Hiring holiday or seasonal workers are just one way companies are preparing for the holiday season. When the demand increases, companies will be prepared to handle the spike. Some companies will be hiring thousands of people to ensure their customers are well-taken care of during the holiday season. Major electronics brands, retail clothing stores, shipping companies and toy companies are typically hiring during the holiday season.

Hiring Warehouse Workers

Companies also hire warehouse workers and manufacturers to ramp up for the holiday season. During the holiday season, people spend more money trying to buy gifts for their loved ones. When production increases, more manpower is required to ship product to stores and to homes around the world. Big brands will always hire more manpower to ensure the company can meet the demand.

Increased Production to Meet Demand

Production must also be increased to meet the spike in demand. Many companies will produce and sell twice as much product during the holiday season than normal. Electronics companies, such as Apple, Dell and HP, will experience a spike in sales and must be prepared for these spikes. Companies ramp up for increased production by working with the planning department to procure the items necessary for production. For instance, electronics companies may order more processors or semiconductors to prepare for the holiday season. Companies must be prepared for this.

Using Email and Social Media for Advertising

Companies often use email and social media for advertising and sales. Free shipping is often offered through Facebook, Twitter or online to encourage sales during the holiday season. Even during a stagnant economy, people are shopping online. Free shipping will encourage more sales during this time. To remain competitive, companies may increase advertising budgets to entice more customers to buy.

Companies may also offer promotional deals such as 30% off. Social media is a non-invasive way to present customers with promotional deals without bombarding the customer’s inbox. Emails can also be promoted via social media.

Prepared Companies Will Yield More Sales

Consumers will take notice if big brands are not prepared for the holiday season. An inadequate supply of products or poor customer service could leave guests feeling less than pleased about their experiences. Companies must be prepared to handle the spikes to leave a favourable impression with consumers. When companies are prepared, more sales are possible. Loyal customers are developed when consumers have a good experience. Companies should do whatever possible to create a good customer experience to develop loyal customers.

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