Themed Shower Curtains To Facelift Your Bathroom

Does your bath need an improvement, but you don’t have a large budget to meet your expectation limits? You can give your bath a new and stylish look by simply adding some unique theme and brighten it up in a snap!

Retro Designs

If you are looking for shower curtains with a cool flair, then you can’t go wrong with retro designs, bold blocks, swirling circles, connecting lines, and retro rectangles bring up an unforgettable style of the 60’s with a youthful touch. Other best retro designs are adorable dots and crazy kaleidoscope. Shower curtains with retro designs are going to bring life to the room!

Beautiful Quilted Patterns

If you are looking for something different, but may not as dramatic as retro designs, then may be the beautifully quilted patterns are more like your type. Country themes are more popular with farm scenes, roosters, and flowers. Other favourite patterns are animal paw, cat designs, dog face and cartoon patterns.

Bird print looks more beautiful like humming bird, peacock and dove with a little splash of flowers around. Even sports fanatics can find their favourite sports stitched on the shower curtains. Quilted patterns are very much pretty looking and are made with the perfect quality of stitching that can reach your expectation level.

Ready, Set, Hang

On the topic of sports, there is also huge verity of college and university themes. Whether it’s your or your significant others alma mater or the college your child attaining, what is the better way than hanging the support sign on your shower rod! All the favourite team’s logo can found with a little bit of effort. Additionally, you can also find matching another accessory to complete your bath time theme.

Trendy Classic

If you are thinking to add some life to your bath space but want to stick with the subtle, then why not go for OLD IS GOLD? These styles are ageless. Classic designs are a very good option when retouched by some modern elements that will give the perfect effect of the trendy, classic theme.

Perhaps a reproduction of a famous artist’s artistry may give you a tickle, or a whimsical design in fabric or vinyl. You are sure that you’ll find something to your personality and the mood. Reflecting a personal sense of style by your favourite colour is a perfect option, whether you choose an olive, white, beige, navy, mist green satin strips or even faux suede.

Dramatic Changes Without The Hassle

Once you’ve started the shopping for your shower curtains, you will soon find out there are various styles to choose. Prices differ from type to type, then the colour, and the fabric type is another factor on which one has to give attention while doing the shopping. The type of hanging rod comes with wide ranges of size and shapes.

It can play a dramatic part in your theme. The sizes are different so as your preference. Buying the hooks to hang the shower curtains should be according to the space available. Simply by changing shower curtains in your bathroom can change the whole look of your home.