There’s Nothing Quite Like A Holiday Spent On The Beach

A recent survey has revealed what we knew all along, the holiday by the sea is the type of holiday most favoured by us Britons. This really is no surprise as people will go to great lengths to get away for a while, with the most likely destination being somewhere hot and with a nice beach.

The findings by Which? magazine showed that seaside holidays and those trips taken to places with a beach made up 34 per cent of all breaks for those questioned in the survey.

While we have managed to enjoy some of the warmest weather in the UK for quite a number of years, it is the beach holiday that really gets people dreaming. As we do have a number of great beach resorts of our own, the weather also has to be spot on for holidaymakers to enjoy them to the full. However, fine weather can be almost guaranteed when people hop on a plane and jet off to other parts of Europe as well as venturing further afield.

This is why the majority of the 3,500 magazine subscribers booking a trip within the last two years wanted to head to the beach in search for sunnier climes.

For those who haven’t planned their summer holidays this year, most of the best deals on beach holidays can be booked at the last minute. This applies to couples and groups as well as families wanting to get away for a week or so.

If the beach is the place to be, there are so many inexpensive options for holidaymakers to consider. Whether Portugal, France, Spain or Italy beckons, at this time of year, people really are spoilt for choice. And once the holiday has been booked, it is exciting to go looking for holiday clothes and things to wear on the beach.

For those that haven’t been away for a while, it could be the perfect opportunity to invest in some new swimwear, with a swimsuit or bikini able to provide the ideal clothing for the setting. With so many styles and ranges to choose from, there is bound to be something that would make you look the part when heading down to the beach.

Once the holiday clothing has been sorted, all that’s left is to make a checklist of all the other things you will need. Don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and a beach towel. Depending on what you like to do on the beach, you may wish to take some form of sporting equipment, or buy a good book to read if that’s more like your kind of thing. Remember, it is your holiday after all, so make sure you make plans to enjoy it to the full.

Preparing for a beach holiday? take some tips from Adrianne Brown, writing here for Web Shop Direct Ltd