Things To Do & Look For When Visiting Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia is also referred to as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Frequented by tourists, it is virtually intact since its completion in the thirteenth century. If you are wondering of some of the best things visitors can experience there, then this post will answer all your questions. Please read along to find out more.

City walls

A series of walls encompassing Dubrovnik was constructed as a defensive strategy. In fact, it is regarded as among the best fortification systems ever built in Europe. The wall has survived years of attacks and threats and still stands high up to date. It is over three miles long and protected the city as well as the salt and created between the twelfth and nineteenth century. UNESCO classified it a world heritage site because of its significance. If you are looking for an excellent spot to view the city from all angles, climb to the top of these walls!

The Old Town

The Old Town isn’t that large, and one can get from one end to the other on foot. No vehicles are allowed in the town because of its narrow alleyways filled with restaurants and cafes. Some of the attractions in Old Town include the Church of St. Sebastian, Rector’s Palace, Orlando’s Column, Onofrio’s Fountain, Franciscan Monastery, the old port to mention a few. If you like partying, the Old Town is the pace to be as it has numerous pubs and clubs that give it a party atmosphere. Besides, one can visit museums to learn more about Dubrovnik’s history.

Mount Srd

Another great site to go for a fantastic view of the city is on top of Mount Srd. The mountain overlooks the old town. To get to the top, one takes a cable car for the best views of the old town as well as the surrounding islands.

Great local cuisine

Dubrovnik is full of bars, eateries and cafes that are ideal for food lovers. Without a doubt, the local cuisine is excellent, and the places mentioned above are the best places to hunt for food cheaply. Buza Bar, located on the edge of cliffs found at the of the Old City wall, is among the most frequented spots by food lovers.


If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik soon, then there are many kinds of trips that one can enjoy. For instance, one can go for walking tours of the numerous botanical gardens filled with camphor and bay laurel trees. Besides, you can opt for the old town Game of Thrones tour to see the various sites featured in the famous TV series.


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Wrap Up

Dubrovnik is as beautiful as you can imagine. However, it is densely populated than other cities in Croatia so it can be a bit crowded during the peak of touristic season. From its dramatic and littered past its bright future, Dubrovnik is a shining jewel in the Adriatic with cultural and educational value to its visitors.